Why are the metadata on random tracks being duplicated? v4.0.0

Ever since updating to v4.0.0 of Engine DJ Desktop, when importing files, the value of their metadata is duplicated seemingly randomly. I see this most often happen to the Genre field, however I’m now seeing it for Artist and Title as well.

So, a file with the Genre “Drum & Bass” is imported into Engine DJ Desktop, and within Engine DJ Desktop as well as Engine DJ OS, the Genre shows up as “Drum & Bass Drum & Bass”.

What is going on?

  • Are you editing multiple tag fields in the tag editor application? i.e. tag 1, tag 2, tag 3?
  • When you right-click a track in Engine and select 'show in Finder/Explorer, then open that track in the tag editor, does it only have the tag entered once or twice?

Are you running your files through any other software for tagging, conversion, normalising etc ?