Why can't I have duplicate tracks in Engine DJ playlists?

I use a “marker” 2 second audio file to help me visually separate tracks in groupings of 4-6 tracks in some of my performance playlists. I have no issues doing that in Rekordbox, but Engine DJ doesn’t seem to allow it. Is there a setting somewhere?

Alternatively, anyone in this community has a workaround to help breakdown a playlist into mini-sets?



You can’t duplicate tracks, the workaround is to have a range of numbered marker tracks to use in your playlist.

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How many of these odd markers are you going to need in a playlist ?

Just save yourself files/tracks called Marker#1 , Marker#2, Marker#124 etc

As Stu-C said above

Several , smaller playlists - that would also potentially help guard again cloned nights

Why are features like this simple not just built in?! I already came to the same conclusion, but I shoulldn’t have to do it by creating new audio and labeling it as a marker track. Just add it as a feature… we want dividers between tracks to group them for easier visibility

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It’s not exactly a common workflow, most people just use separate playlists, or don’t pre-plan their sets.


Moin @STU-C and all skilled users,

I have a similar issue, phps it’S that what here is described (my English may be insufficient):

The summary may be as follows:

The quantity of the “Hot Cues” is insufficient.

E.G. Amant “If there is love”. I amended the beatgrid manually; a lot of work :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Now I need more than 8 Hot Cues, and so I want to duplicate the track (as workaround), so that I can install again eight different hot cues and mix “If there is love” with itself.

In track 1 are set eight Hot Cues in the beginning, track 2 in the middle and track 3 in the end and so on.

  • Problem: But unfortunately I didn’t find any way, to make a duplicate of itself after amending the beatgrid .

I tried to copy, making a new playlist, renaming and so on, but it is always the same, and if I amend one of the tracks, it will sync the others. But this effect I don’t want at this procedure. I worked with different USB sticks, copies …

Any assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated and many thanks in advance.

Brgds BeatMaster

That’s a new one - or at least incredibly niche , much in the same way that Stu-c mentions correctly about this “same track multiple times in one playlist”

It’s great that different people use gear in wierd and wonderful, in some cases; unique, ways - but it’s not a fault when the potatoe peeler won’t make cappuccinos , just such a niche requirement that it’s not catered for, and unlikely to win many votes in a firmware feature request (but hey, why not try it and see what happens, both)

Moin @Pasha,

thanks for your advise. I’ll try it out asap. Ascesion day is the best day for this.

Brgds BeatMaster

Hi Beatmaster, hope you’re doing good.

8 sounds like a lot to me, I usually just have a couple on mine, the start of the track and the first beat (if it’s not the start). Maybe a feature request for some advanced labelling of tracks is what is needed here? So the hot cues can be left to do their job.

Moin @Pasha again,

I just try it out. Same result as before. I am not proficient to duplicate the same track twice in a playlist. If I rename the track into Marker#1, Marker#2 … the track will be renamed in all playlists even in the collection.

Or what is the meaning of "

If you make a copy of the track on the Windows enviroment, you don’t transport Hot Cues or loops.

Do we phps talk of different issues?

Im really keen on learning more and so many thanks in advance

Brgds BeatMaster

So I was suggesting the OP create a range of blank tracks called ‘marker 1’ ‘marker 2’ etc so they can be added to a playlist in between other tracks they want to separate.

Moin @STU-C,

thanks I’m fine and I hope you as well. And many thanks for your comment.

“If there is love” by Amant is a long, vivid track. So I jump around when mixing and playing and sampling it (four tracks on four decks).

But I didn’t find any way to make “copy” and change the position of the hot cues, loops / autoloops in this copy

  • after amending the beatgrid
  • setting the 8 Hot Cues
  • setting loops / outoloops

Starting a feature request may be one way to solve the issue. But I like the challenge and to solve problems :innocent:

I work a lot with hot cues, loops and autoloops (you can stop them when the track is playing and you don’t need them)

Thanks for your endeavours in this matter and enjoy the day.

Brgds from HAM BeatMaster

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Ahh ok I understand you now. You do actually use the hot cues, I thought you meant you used them for naming parts of the track.

Moin @STU-C,

if i’m right, you advise to create different playlists

? with the name marker 1, marker 2, etc?

If I act in this way, I can insert a track, but (and this is imo the problem) if I modify the track in one of the playlists, the track in all other playlists even in the collection will be altered simultaneously.

Something to experiment

Thanks in advance

Brgds BeatMaster

to cut a long story short:

  • Copy of a track after amending the beatgrid, setting HotCues and Loops

  • In this copy I want to move the HotCues and loops to different spots

  • to have one track again, I mix it with itself

I hope it’s easy action

Brgds BeatMaster :innocent:

Moin @STU-C,


not naming, I need the accurate position for stuttering, sampling a loop or cadence.

To continue the example (Amant “if there is love”) there are plenty of cadences able to be sampled into other tracks.

to clarify:

The system should handle the copy as a different track

moaning and handclapping

Brgds BeatMaster

I would also like this too. The only easy way is to preset your cue points and then save the order you want in the ‘Prepare’ folder.

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Moin @Pasha, @STU-C , and all concerned,

in the meantime I tested as follows:

Result: Only wasting time and pls tell me that I’m crazy or this procedure has to do with licences or whatever

  • I formatted two USB-Sticks in EXFat (it’S my test environment)

  • I used ENGINE DJ 3.4.0 for this test

  • I Created in my production environment a playlist called “Amant”

  • I shifted the playlist “Amant” from the production environment to to the USB stick called “P5”

  • On the USB stick called “GIG_Aug” I created a playlist called “Amanti

  • Then I shifted the track from the playlist “Amant” on “P5” to the playlist “Amanti” on “GIG_Aug”

  • Milestone: Everything works proper up to this point

  • than I removed GIG_Aug

  • I renamed the track “AMANT_001.flac” in to Amanti_nil.flac on P5

  • I loaded the track on P5, made some changes (deleting Hot Cues and loops, movin the rest to another point …) renamed Artist and title

  • then I moved the Playlist “Amanti” to the USB “GIG_Aug” (reactivated)

  • and now the tragedy: In both playlists (Amant and Amanti and even in the collection) on GIG_Aug I find the changed title but only one track


I think enough is enough but any assistence in this matter is highly appreciated

Thanks in advance and enjoy your tracks

Brgds BeatMaster (rough and ready)

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Hey BenD,

Engine DJ doesn’t allow duplicate tracks in playlists, unlike Rekordbox. A workaround could be to create separate mini-playlists within Engine DJ, each containing the tracks you want to group together.

This way, you can achieve the same visual separation and organization without duplicating tracks in a single playlist.

Thanks (Steve)