When will the Prime 4+ be released?

In the manual for the 3.0 update, the Prime 4+ is also listed alongside the previously available workstations.

I would like to switch from my old (notebook) system to Engine Prime and have therefore been waiting for the technically updated successor to the Prime 4 for a few weeks. Is a release date already known and does it also have, for example, a larger display and a directly adjustable sample player?

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None of this info is in the public domain at present, and going by previous DJ gear releases unless its leaked we wont know until the reviews are online.

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The Prime 4+ is going to be pretty much identical to the current unit, except the added Amazon Music service, just like the Mixstream Pro Plus. The manual indicates that.

it also have, for example, a larger display and a directly adjustable sample player?

No. Also, why an even larger display? 10.1" is plenty enough. What they should rather address is its (mediocre) maximum brightness. Since the same screen is found in the SC6000 and MPC X, it would make sense to coordinate those products updates. The same can be applied for other components, like CPU/RAM, internal storage, micro-switches, faders, knobs, PSU, etc.


Where can I fin this manual?

Its on the ‘engine DJ downloads page’, go to version 3.0 of the OS then click on the link for the manual, you can see the latest manual there.


The brightness of the screen isn’t great on my Prime 4 in the sun so I’d expect a few component changes in the plus version. Hopefully a brighter screen for starters.

I noticed when the white Prime 4 came out there were screen issues in the software (not being able to dim?) and from that we took it there were internal tweaks.

I’d put my money on little things like a little more RAM and that RockChip processor will get a smaller boost and of course the Amazon authentication chip.

I think we’ll only have to wait until NAMM.

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Maybe some of the new “shift” functions added to the layout as well (like “Sampler” below the “Roll” button etc).

Maybe even a slightly changed color-scheme to match the SC6000/x1850 setup rather than the 5K/1800 that I think it’s currently matching?

That’s why a Day / Night mode would be welcome on all Prime products!

Like in Serato Itch and Serato DJ Pro!

Day :

Night :

It would be welcome. I use it in Serato DJ and did vote for it on here.

At least I meant to have. Maybe since the new voting system came in it hasn’t transferred over. I need to vote again if so as I miss it on EngineOS.



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Ahh. Mine was one of the old legacy requests. I’ve not added it to the new one. I need too.

Ive found the Engine UI to be one of the more usable ones outside out of all the players, CDJs are woeful in any type of daylight, as are most laptop screens, although the newest Surface laptops and Macbooks have much better screens than even 4 years ago.

This was taken last summer, some lunatic thought it was a good idea for us to host an all dayer on a town market square:) was messy to say the least.

Anyway despite the screen looking pretty bad in the pic, in actual use it did pretty well and i was able to find most stuff easily.


No info yet.

Judging by the manual, it will be aesthetically the same.

Hoping they replace a few known components to have issues like the view button and input faders tho.

I thought the whole Prime 4+ was false information spread through social media as a gag because they had the Prime Go+ as well. LOL! I just looked at the updated manual and yes, the Prime 4+ is listed on the cover. I imagine it will offer the Amazon chip needed to use Amazon music as the SC Live units have. Be nice it if had rotating platters too. :slight_smile:


very exciting, I am curious and waiting for the NAMM :wink:

I dare say it’s worth not getting too excited about it, it’s going to be more evolution than revolution would be my guess.

Yes, I don’t think it’s a “MK2”. But that being said, a few minor tweaks here and there could also go a long way for longevity of the unit, I’d say :blush:


I’m already looking forward to all the chronically disappointed people making threads about it:)…. Denon will no doubt be ‘falling behind’ etc Kris.

I agree with your sentiments though.


You would hope they just send an update to all users and everyone can have another streaming service to use.

There is some chip needed in the hardware to support it so no chance. Look at the specs of the mixstream +, the SC live 2 and 4.

It’ll be an Amazon thing.

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