When will the Prime 4+ be released?

Ah so protected for them to use in the marketing process, Amazon are missing the real point if they do this, everyone has a prime account, they could make a fortune :crystal_ball:

I’m guessing it’s more to do with piracy and licensing issues, due to pressure from record companies. When you think Spotify pulled out of all DJ software, there is something going on in the background with streaming music to DJ gear.


I did not know they had done this, I personally have never had a Spotify account, always just used Apple Music, beatport and soundcloud where I believe you find all the new talent coming through.

If I was guessing, and judging by the draconian approach record labels have towards twitch and YouTube etc, I’d say they have put massive pressure on companies like Spotify and it’s impacted their ability to work with DJ software. If you remember vinyl always had warnings about not being played in a public environment etc, this will 100% be record labels like Sony etc flexing their muscles at the detriment of the very people who promote their music.


I find the whole music industry process a joke tbh, I listen to DJ’s play or hear a tune in a club and buy that tune straight away, I would have never heard that tune unless a DJ played it! Like when I was a kid I would go to the local record store and play records on the turn tables till I found a tune I liked, but and keep. This month vinyl outsold CD’s and there was me thinking about buying a cd reader lol I have a PRS licence and even that is set up to make life harder, the fact that there are so many different ways to stream music should be the pointer that everyone can make some cash from this, these music companies are not allowing the smaller radio stations play there music, it’s mental, the people will buy if they hear it and enjoy it. The whole industry needs a massive wake up call.

Fully agree, it’s why I’m glad I love more underground stuff and artists on bandcamp etc. the main record labels can swivel as far as I’m concerned, pure greed and backwards thinking.

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Yes, typically it would say that unauthorized public performance (etc) was not permitted, which on the flipside means that it’s fine if you have authorization. In most cases DJs would be playing in a venue which has a public performance license = authorization.

Yeah very true PK.

I’ve always had the impression that very few record companies have any sort of respect for DJs and DJ culture though, like an underlying theme is present.

Never used band camp, what’s their story?

It’s a site for artists to promote their work, selling digital files and vinyl. I like my hip hop, breaks and edits and there are loads of people doing stuff on there.

A German producer called Jack Tennis is one I’m into right now, does some cool versions of bill withers and a few other artists.

They have a minimum amount required to buy then ask you what you’re willing to pay, you put an amount then buy the track.

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Now this sounds like my type of place to buy tunes, I love supporting people who put their all in. Looking now, is their an app?

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Not sure about an app but definitely a website. A lot of the new wave of people putting 45s out are doing it through there.

The Allergies are another one of my favourites, like a funky breaks/hip hop band who also release some edits. I believe most of the money goes back to them too which is important.

Traxsource is another of my big sites for buying tunes, it’s like a cooler beatport.

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Totally agree, cash should go back as far as it should. :raised_hands:t3::facepunch:t3::raised_hands:t3:

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