What can the USB B port be used to do?

Connected a laptop to the USB-B port on the Prime Go and nothing happens. What is the USB-B port used for?

A guess would be for firmware updates very occasionally in the future.

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firmware updates are done in controller with wifi or ethernet

Perhaps one day, but not at the moment. Only the phone home check is done via wifi/ethernet, if a newer version is available.

The USB-B is to connect to a computer as an update method.


So it checks the current firmware via wi-fi but if a newer version is found it needs to be connected to a computer? DO any of these standalone products actually stand alone?

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Yes, although ALL of them need the assistance of GRAVITY to refrain from flying off into space.

They’ve all got their own brain for on-stage playback - the don’t need Moms hand-me-down Ex-office laptop to play a tune.


You can update via USB-flashdrive, but you need a computer to prepare the drive.

But what’s your point really? You need a computer to download, buy music or setup a streaming account. Or do you still buy CD’s and vinyl, which you can’t play, unless you convert them on a computer…

OTA updating probably will come in the future, but is not available now.

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do not need a desktop computer or laptop to setup a streaming account. phone or tablet.

Still. Every comment about “standalone” can be answered with “it’s not standalone”. With such reasoning, a car isn’t standalone either.

And streaming by itself isn’t even a standalone function.

It’s a non-discussion, but then again, deejdave probably isn’t even using a DenonDJ product.


I will need tablets if stupidness going on more

You are a moderator here? Why would I be wasting my time around these parts if I didn’t have Denon… something? My point here is it is an overlooked opportunity. I purchased a Denon Prime Go (imagine that being this is a Denon Prime Go section) for streaming alone. This is why I have questioned the false claim that it offers the ability to:

and that is why I am asking about this. This is a non discussion until someone brings it up and someone responds. It is instantly a discussion. Just how it works. I am not looking to trash anything (or anyone) but instead am hoping to be heard in hopes for improvement/s. Is this so wrong?

Believe me, there are a more than one non-DenonDJ product users that are only here for non-constructive comments.

It’s good to finally see you getting onboard with the new PrimeGO after 3 years of forum membership. :+1:

We are actively testing nearly all streaming services mentioned above. It’s a lot of work to get all bugs crushed. With most brands the marketing gets ahead of the product, but you will see it here first.

The non-discussion is about the “standalone” remark.

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Goodmorning everyone! Is USB B capable of powering any device?

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My guess would be that the usb b port is there, either mainly, or exclusively for the rare and very (very very) well spaced firmware update every couple of years.

And no, don’t power anything from it. forums Are full of people who have bizarre problems with drives not being recognised or laptops connections being lost, or delays or pauses in functions or dim lights etc etc etc etc , which all miraculously stop affecting them when they’ve unplugged their usb laptop cooler, Usb hotdog warmer, iPad rapid charger, phone charger lead, backing light, usb hairdryer, DJ usb cooling fan, unpowered hard drive, unpowered usb hub, or usb milkshake maker

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I’m going to take a wild guess and say that it’s for future enhancements.

A - Future firmware update allowing the GO to be used as a Serato/VDJ controller.

B- Future release of EP that will allow you to connect and play your library directly from your laptop.

Odds are it’s a good bet on A.


and a future update to equalize the microphones? I think this is more urgent!

i would by the prime go if it connected to a laptop running vdj

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