✍️ We need your FX help! Take our survey and be in to win!

At Engine DJ we’re committed to listening to our DJs and using the feedback we get to help drive development with our Desktop, Embedded and Hardware platforms. One of the key areas we’re focusing on is the FX found in club mixers and standalone DJ controllers from Denon DJ and Numark.

If you have 5 minutes we’d love to get your thoughts and feedback and after successful survey completion you’ll be in with a chance of winning the $500 prize.


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Shame there wasn’t a “sometimes” option on Q21 and Q22 , but nice questionnaire- thanks for asking, seeking our opinions and listening


Thanks for the additional feedback :slight_smile:

Not sure what the prize is or if I want it if I win but happy to complete survey for you.

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yeah when you talk about eq with fx do you mean the frequency shelf on the fx itself or the channel eq? can’t remember which number question sorry

Just finished the survey in the hope that FX improvement is the next big step for new firmware updates. Cheers!

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Check the image in the post and you’ll see the $500 Air plugins prize details :slight_smile: - that you for taking part!

Thanks Jay. I’m aware of the prize as stated, I’m just not sure what it is. Audio production software???

Think it will benefit others more than some, but still a cool prize.

Community feedback on the FX are a good sign. For me, they are the only thing letting down the prime series.

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to send a massive thank you to those that took the time to complete the survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

We’re reviewing the entries now and are ramping up to bring you a world-class FX experience in the near future.


That is awesome news. I can’t wait for the future! Keep up the great work Denon DJ :heart:

Are you able to confirm if this world-class FX experience will be on current Prime gear or future products?

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Hi Everyone,

As you may be aware, today we officially released our first major FX update, bringing 25 new and redesigned Main FX as well as a new Touch FX engine. We still have more goodies planned for future releases, but I wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to participate in this survey. It has been an invaluable resource. We hope you enjoy the new FX as much as we did developing them!


Who won and what was the prize again? :slight_smile: