NEW Engine DJ 2.2 Discussion

I love the hardware too, but still to get my itunes playlists on the sd card and not been able just to update this playlists is not nice, should only take a few minutes to just add the new tunes. and it’s no stand alone, hate to need the laptop to get music on the sd card Anyway I learn to live with the crappy software and maybe they will the next few years make a better software too

I’m curious on how you would like to get music onto an sd card without a computer?

Mmmmmmm can i have a question on sport instead??

The 5500’s ability to generate a database was very useful for DJs jumping on them for the first time. If the Prime players could at least generate a database (Generate Database Yes/No) upon connecting a drive, and then an option after that to batch analyze on the players or not, would be beneficial towards true standalone ability. I would maybe do the former but definitely not the latter. I may let it generate a database, then I’d switch the player into read-only mode if we ever got that.

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An additional cup holder would be nice…

And i cant change the channel on the onboard telly on my prime 4 :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Denon have said they are bringing us a “world class FX experience” not sure if that will be for current prime gear or future.

who knows how many features you still want! every time they add something you ask for another one !! who knows how to be a DJ can do it even without any new function! in my opinion those that are already enough! I also make people dance every weekend !! here I see only big claims that once with turntables you could not ask !! over and out

Denon has stated several times no need to ask for better effects for the Prime 4 as they will be adding them… IDN… Seems like a lot of talk as this was over a year ago and still no better effects. . If Denon wants to stay competitive with Pioneer there going to need to bring out better effects… And Yes, that survey we all took, so far, has gone nowhere.

Was 41 days ago - lol

Well there you go at least three years to go as yet :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl:

Many of the Prime devs are from AIR in Germany, right? They used to be all the stock Pro Tools audio FX, so I don’t see why tweaked FX aren’t a possibility for the future. If anyone could do it, they could.

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If they offered “50 new fx free in 3 years” or “50 new fx in a month for $300” which would the majority of people opt for?

The three year option works for me personally i dont use them. Throwback from the overkill days of the late 80s early 90s where EVERY track had to be fx’d in some way

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Probably Pioneer… lol

Oh , so the $3000 option for some $300 fx ha


Shocked Cup holders is not higher on the priority list. You know how many times I miss bringing in a song because I have no place to put my beer !!

Other than that…I can definitely take a reliable Engine file preparation software. Dare I say, as stable as and fast as ANOTHER unamed (Re…) software. However, Denon Engine allows nesting, etc. Database is horrendous for large collections though.

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And still no relink option for orphaned files?

simple with download from USB, or even better via Wifi from my Google Dive, Drop Box or other storage systems. A dream would be if I just connect my iphone or Ipad and take a playlist from Itunes I prepared and I put on the sd card to use But as it’s impossible for the Software to just sync itunes and only transfer the new files on the sd card, it will not happen. As Software I would prefer Algoriddim Djay that works easy with ITunes. I have not much hope the engine database will get better, but maybe someone from denon read it and think of invest some time in the basic needs of a dj The Hardware is excellent, the prime go is what I always looked for, so I live with the software Won’t update, as long as no features included that I really need and so I have no problems just the workflow is not as easy

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No, in this version. Let’s wait and see what happens in the future.

Let’s be completely honest … We’re become super expectant and needy as DJs. I’m 42 years old, have played for 27 and (thankfully) still able to keep up with the digital development. But in the “old” days, there were not at all the technological possibilities as today, and we still managed to play for the guests. Many young DJs today do not have a proper backcatalog of music and are deeply dependent on various streaming services (I can only recommend that you build up a backcatalog).

Then there are those who want their players to almost mix for them (automix / autofade), because they are mobile DJs ?! I do not understand it. You are a DJ, mix the music yourself, and if it is because you play at weddings or the like, make a mix from home that you can put on during dinner. I do this myself regularly (when I practice at home) and have several different mixes, typically in about 2 hours length which I use for dinner.

I myself have had my clashes with Denon and have been blocked by them both here and from their Facebook and Instagram, but to say that “they do not listen to their users / customers” is directly wrong. Maybe they did not listen to you, or to me about a feature we think would be great. Maybe they were actually listening, but it just did not fit in right now.

They (Denon) have given us a forum where we actually have some kind of co-determination on what features we would like. And I’m sure every suggestion that comes along will be flipped and turned by devs to see if it fits their vision.

Yes there are still some basic options missing on the players (in my opinion, and due to the fact how much they can offer) themselves and yes Engine Dj Desktop can continue to improve but I have no doubt that this will happen too. Until then, we must greatly appreciate that our machines today can do more than they could yesterday, and even more than the text on the box.

And more gets added - for free.

Lets appreciate this.