NEW Engine DJ 2.2 Discussion

So, every time I see a new firmware update, I get excited. Why? Because I still have faith that the engineers and developers are doing what they can to build Engine DJ to be what we want it to be. Here’s my comment after watching the video on YouTube today (about active loops): Why? I mean it’s a nice feature, but I am still waiting for simple features I and other professionals have been asking Denon DJ for, for the past 5 years! Playlists with cfade and relay play, like older Denon gear…I just don’t understand. Active/Auto loop is nice, but it’s only an expansion of what is already there (are we too lazy to set up a loop where we need it, when we need it manually?) What’s next, auto-autoscripting for Engine Lighting? Ableton sync? Resolume integration? Why not add Dante functionality? Come on, guys, focus on having a better (more functional) tool, not a fancier one! Want to truly take down Pioneer? Start listening to people who actually use your products!


To be fair, active loops were a very long requested feature.

Edit: But yes everyone has something that is a higher priority for them, for me it’s an overhaul of the file browser.


I’ll tell you why.

Add an Audinate board into a hardware device adds COST. Cost of the board (even in bulk), cost of the licensing (go get a Dev kit and see what the cost is on a 4ch Dante Dev license is). Is everyone willing to pay that extra cost if they’ll never use it? No they won’t. So then Denon prices themselves out of the market for a feature very little people will use. If you want Dante just get a 3rd party off the shelf device that will accept 4 channel analog audio or SPDIF.

Sometimes “taking down the competition” isn’t being innovative, it’s being reactive.

I get your passion, but honestly it’s just stuff.

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Pretty sure he was being sarcastic about Dante.


Yea even so. The fanboy rhetoric is high in the DJ market, just an IMHO.

Is the worse part of all Denon ecosystem. I say so many times, if Denon forces me to use Engine on Desktop to manage in a proper way my music library… sorry but I prefer to use Rekordbox/Pionner ecosystem because is more powerful, useful and works as I expected, not using third parties apps or workarounds to solve so many basic stuff


I was actually talking about the library browser on the devices (engine os). But I agree with you also, I use rekordbox for library management still.

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Me too, I’m talking about engine os file “manager”


Besides, there are audio over ethernet methods out there that don’t require a license like Dante. :slight_smile:

I want a read-only option on the players so we don’t have to be so reliant on writing over link.

Under player settings, allow us to select the sample rate these players run at (currently set at 96khz?), with sample rate conversion only happening when the file’s sample rate is different than the player’s selected rate. Then also have an Auto mode that turns off the SPIDIFs entirely on the back so the layers just adapt to whatever rate the tracks are and sends the data to the DACs without SRC at the track’s inherent rate. So you’d be able change the new Sample Rate / SPDIF option between one of four settings under Utility: 44.1/ON, 48/ON, 96/ON (default), or AUTO/OFF.

I think those are two very easy and high payoff features: increased drive/database reliability, fewer link problems, and better sound quality capability given that the SRC method used on the players seems meant to be computationally efficient and not high fidelity.

Updates are always cool. It’s kinda funny peeps allready reviewing it already instead of actually using it.

My opinion will be ready en next week. I hope these minor details don’t kill a certain workflow i got used to.

Curious when some more important requests 'll see the light.

Anyway… THX Denon for keeping the prime line active!


I doubt that’s ever going to happen… mainly because most users, myself somewhat included, are pretty clueless about SRC. For instance I have no idea why you would ever want a lower sample rate, but that is probably a discussion for another thread.

I understand many are clueless, but 1) adding the SRC options would not interrupt these users since it’d still default to one of the SRC & SPDIF “ON” ones (personally I’d default to 44.1, but they could even continue to default to 96/ON), and 2) the CDJ-3000 partly has superior sound quality because it’s got 6 cores only handling the SRC for one layer, while we’re doing a minimum of 2 layers on 4 cores. Pioneer DJ is basically doing at least as good a quality of SRC from the DJM-900NXS2 on the CDJ-3000, so at least if you’re using their new players with a Pioneer digital DJM, it’s not any worse than their prior SRC combo of players and mixer if you stay in-brand, and obviously you’ve got mixers like the MP-2015 you can also pair with the CDJ-3000. One of the advantages to the old and new Denon DJ mixers is the ability to change the internal work sample rate, which there’s not a whole lot of advantage to right now with the SC Prime standalone players. The other solutions to the sound quality issue I believe would also be more complicated and more computationally intensive, and therefore even less likely to be implemented.

2006 - Denon DJ releases a new product line for digital DJing that has cfade and relay play (DN-HD2500 was the hardware used) 2017 - Denon DJ releases Engine software and hardware, a new platform. It was suggested then that these old tech “tools” be integrated into the new platform. 2022 - These simple features STILL aren’t a part of this not-so-new-anymore platform!

Adding a checkbox for active looping is nice, just doesn’t make my job easier as a mobile DJ.

Sorry to “complain,” I just want to see the “playlist play” function improved to what it is on the old system…in addition to the awesome features and functionality we already enjoy on our SCX000 media players, Prime 4s, Prime Gos (and Prime 2s, and Numarks using Engine…for those who own them).

Nice to see the updates specific for the Mixstream (and to a lesser amount the Prime Go) but do I wish our higher end players got some specific things we’ve been wanting a quite a while? Of course I do. Overall though I appreciate the updates on the ecosystem in general. It’s wonderful we ALL get fixes. It’s also wonderful we have a forum where it feels like InMusic does at least care what we think and not like Pioneer’s sad, sad forum. We’re still one thousand times better off than the competition! haha Thanks for the update guys, we DO appreciate it!


^^^^^^^^ sarcasm about features = yes! ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I was insinuating that these features trump features that should already be implemented…but yet they continue adding features that don’t improve functionality as a tool. And now people are talking about Dante and higher than necessary or adjustable bitrates!

BTW…Reticuli, I saw this video and it kind of blew my mind. I think you might appreciate it: The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital - YouTube


Was really hoping for searching within a playlist :frowning:


I honestly love my prime go as easy to use hardware, but I have no hope that the software works as easy as I had it with other DJ software. Still not stand alone, the sync with itunes is useless, and so on. a lot of features still missing Anyway will watch what the Users say that take the risk to update


You’re absolutely right - the number of member votes for Active loops were over 150 last time I looked. So, as far as “listening to the people, the customers, your customer” …. They did, they have, they’ve done it.

At one point, I think it was not only the user feature request with the most actual votes, It’s certainly one of the features that initiated a lot of ordinary (non-voting) posts from a lot of Prime users.

Similarly, “metronome” was another request which brought a lot of votes and discussion and that’s been added in this update too.

Those two features, all on their own, will have made thousands of people very happy indeed, That’s already apparent by the comments on the forum since the update a few hours ago, as well as in social media groups.

Until about 300 features get added (and everyone’s going to throw their own toys out their strollers about how feature 235 should have been added before feature 181) there’s always going to be this self-induced confusion about “my most needed/wanted feature” thinly veiled as “essential” or “basic” or “fundamental”

Still, I’m sure there will be other firmware and software releases.


I want to constantly brag about the Prime Go. For ME, it’s a mini-masterpiece! Add Mic EQ and we’re golden! I use it WAY more than I should and for gigs I should probably use my 6000m’s for! lol But! I used it on my Go this morning (as I could just update and play around with on my kitchen counter (how can you not love that) and didn’t come across any issues. YMMV


Personally I think this update is awesome.

I´ve never used a (the) Metronome feature before, but its comes in real handy with old tracks and transitions.

The Active Loop-thingy I believe I was one of the first to make a request for and I´m really happy that it finally came.

It gives me way bigger opportunity to be constructive in my mixing, and not just playing a playlist that is “safe” and do “safe” mixing. Preparing with those things will absolutely improve my way of dj´ing.

They absolutely DO listen to us!

Thanks for this great update Devs