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Why has in music brands customer service dropped? I have been trying to get a hold of someone to warranty my prime 4 out since late 2021 due to the play button and filter button not working. no one returns calls and mailbox is constantly full?

i used to be a huge massive advocate for denon but not it seems the product cannot hold up and nor does their customer service handel warranties anymore, almost as if they are avoiding them…??

anyone know how to get someone on the phone. I have had several warranties on a prime 4 and im about to just move to pioneer and never look back due to poor customer service and literally no response ever anymore.

What do you mean by ‘warranty it out’?

The guide on their website says to use your retailer to deal with warranty repairs. I dropped my Prime 2 off at mine and he sent it straight back to them.

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Denon, or I should say, InMusic Brands has warrantied my unit several times with a unit replacement. I mean SEVERAL TIMES by calling their number and demonstrating the unit not working and or functioning the way it should. Issues have consisted of faders non responsive, buttons (Play Button) not working, Jog wheel EXTREMELY tight etc. not once have I had to use a third party such as a retailer to warranty a unit out.

This is not anything new of them warranting a unit out. They are non responsive to all communication now.

When you log in to the support page, have you tried sending a message with your ticket number?

A right ok, perhaps Pioneer is the best option for you then as you seem unhappy with the unit and have had several problems.

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you dont want to know how many issues ive had with the prime 4. trust me. they have warrantied out many units due to hardware failure. for example, the unit would play deck four when deck two was loaded, decks would not put out any audio, garbage faders (any dj who plays riddim is not allowed on my unit lol)… its a lot if hardware issues and cheap parts. i love the unit outside of these issues, but i truly believe their customer service has dropped into the negatives and it is hurting their business.

totally. ive sent dozens of emails and no response. even emailed them from previous ticket numbers and nothing. its like they all went on vacation starting Nov. 2020 and never came back lol

Like I said, Pioneer is probably your best option…. Whichever way you choose, good luck :+1:t3:

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i also did a video comparison of the jog wheels and the inconsistencies during manufacturing. one unit would have an extreemly loose wheel, one would be great and another would be so tight, it didnt even want to spin and was difficult to use for beat matching adjustments.

but my questions is about their service… do they just not care anymore? what happened to their service? back when i was getting my unit warrantied out, they had great service, hence why i stayed with them. sure it was a cheap product at times with cheap parts and manufacturing issues, but the service made up for it lol. now its a crap product and no service. seems like management needs to change on how this operation runs…

I don’t know, I’m not in the US, but where I live I was advised to take it back to my retailer, who then sent it off and dealt with the repair centre.

As I said if you’re unhappy with it, as you clearly seem, it’s time to move on and buy something else.

i see and yes, i am in the USA. but also understand when someone invest into a standalone thats $2000, this is an investment. you don’t just move on and say… “ok, yeah let me drop another $1500-2000 on a new unit”. people save up for these units to then be disappointed when all it takes is good customer service to resolve issues. these need to be manufactured with longevity in mind or customer service that maintains relationships with its customers to fix these units. The customer just cannot take 100% responsibility and purchase a whole new stand alone. Seems silly right?

you might be privileged to move on and buy something else, but most are not. the issue ive had with the unit are common ones. just google denon prime 4 issues. retailers will also state that its a manufacturing issue and the company needs to handle it. if all companies did this, they would lose money fixing or replacing units for a company that manufactured it. see the issue?

also understand, denon chose to use cheap parts and manufacture with cheap labor. if a car dealer did this, they would warranty parts out with better quality product, hence recalls. for a product that is expensive as it is, denon/ in music needs to recall its units with better parts for existing users as $2000 is not a small investment.

But you said you’ve been waiting since late 2021 which would mean your unit is likely out of warranty, given it’s only 1 year usually. You also said you’ve had it ‘warrantied out’ several times already (I still don’t understand what that means fully but I assume you’re talking about replacement units).

It looks like you just came here to vent, you only created your account 2hrs ago and this is your first contribution to the forum, no introduction or anything else. Anyway that aside, now you’ve done your venting what are you expecting the company to do for what sounds like an out of warranty unit, and more importantly what are you trying to gain from coming here to speak about it? This is just an internet forum, also your posts above are coming across as quite incoherent, I suspect others may find them hard to follow or get an understanding of your issue.

Do you not have insurance on your gear? I use Allianz for mine and it covers all these kind of things, so I’m not without a unit should mine fail.

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im lost on why you think insurance would cover a manufacturing issue with cheap parts used and a company not handling any customer service issues anymore. please explain how insurance would cover hardware issues from the manufacturing process and a company ignoring its customers?

you’re stating im coming here to vent when my question is what has happened to denon and in music brands customer service? incoherent? youre missing the concept of my question from the beginning as it seems youre defending the company for poor service…

btw, their units come with a 3 year warranty, not 1. as ive been told by its staff during my previous unit replacements.

if i was here to contribute and state an introduction, my mistake… my name is dan, i like long walks on the beach, golden retrievers and music. my bad, i didnt realize this was the new match.com dating site where i needed to introduce myself in this manner.

clearly you dont understand the concept of a question as to why a company is tanking with its service to its customers. (by the way, i swiped left on you being this is my introduction hahaha)

The insurance I have is DJ specific for gigging DJs and it covers faulty or damaged units so a working DJ can get working gear quickly in the event of an issue. If your unit falls into that category with its issues an insurance company could recompense you for a replacement.

I understand what you’re saying about the service, but struggling to understand what you want to achieve here? Hopefully one of the Denon staff members will jump in and assist you.

As far as I’m aware Denon DJ products only carry 1 year warranty, it’s their hifi equipment (different company) that comes with 3. Here is a link to their terms and conditions.

i literally cannot respond to another one of your comments as it takes to much effort for you to understand any logic by you not knowing what the meaning of a “question” is.

for example: why does denon have terrible customer service? “dont know man, im sure they either ignore people for some reason or just dont care”. not that hard to comprehend a single question to an experience.

further, you had to bring in nonsense by stating insurance…insurance will not cover hardware failure that is a known issue with a product manufactured by a company. THAT IS THE COMPANY’S RESPONSIBILITY! (when a car manufacture has faulty parts, they issue a recall, IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE INSURANCE TO ENSURE THE RECALL) how do you not understand this?

insurance is for the coverage when things happen, like a crazy women spilling her drink over your equipment at a wedding…my gawd man.

what im trying to achieve now, is just to ignore you because i havent met your standards or personal expectation to a forum as you made this about introductions and nonsense, hence the joke behind my match dot com banter for not introducing myself and telling you my life story.

Not emails. Have you used the chat feature on support? It gets you to a live person during business hours.

Good luck :+1:t3:

Love the Prime 4 and never had a single issue with any parts etc. Not sure why it’s taken you a year to post on the forum, if I was getting no response I’d have been here a while ago.

Usually first step is to always go via the retailer you purchased the product from.

Good luck


I also think the best route for you is to go buy a pioneer