Volume troppo basso in registrazione! risolvete ! pioneer non ha questo grave problema!


but why do I say that the volume is always low in every firmware update? I come from the Pioneer console, I have never had these serious problems, the volume in the pioneer is set very well without it feeling as low as in the first 4 and without altering anything in the rec output, while now with this prime4, I have to work with the gains set to 3/4 of the maximum volume, and if I then have to adjust the gain while playing on disco nights, what should I do? I have a quarter of my income to work !! possible that it is not possible to solve this stupid regulation by firmware? I can not believe!! the pioneer has been doing it since it was born !! I have never had problems and I paid much less than this first 4 !! you have to solve because I’m working badly, and I’m disappointed, every time I have to worry about adjusting the volumes, otherwise after the recording I get much lower volumes !! and quite eh !! to train !! and then another thing, add in the firmware the possibility to choose the language in Italian eh, another thing, that everyone does, in any electronics in the world, program the firmware for this, I am also an electronic technician, and therefore I speak because I know what can be done !! I have already written several times to deny these problems, but they never answered, instead I see here that this serious problem annoys many of us !!


Check Your tracks, I never went with gain more then 40%, how loud it is when You are at 75%? This is crazy!

I’m talking about the final recording (when I want to record my evening and hear it again in the car, at home to study the various mistakes made), not in live sound while working on the record, I first analyze my tracks with platinum notes 4, he repairs and balances them at the same level and controls their dynamics and volume, then I pass them on engine prime,. I also use this method with the pioneer consoles, and when I record my evenings, however, the volume is the same as the one I use live while I work, so you can listen well to friends, on car stereo systems etc etc, while with denon, the final recordings are much lower to listen to, and therefore you have to raise the volumes of the car stereo systems, then distorting the radios and amplifiers, with a bad final result … this I mean

So Your normalisation program is causing the attenuation of Your tracks wich actually makes Your tracks more vulnerable to get overdrive or distortion. I never normalise tracks, always use them as sold from beatport or other places. Stay as close to original as possible. Then Your recording also will have enough headroom to play louder.

I can’t make myself understood then, (sorry for my English through an online translator), I want to say that many in here have this big problem “IN RECORDING ONLY” and not “IN LIVE”, even if I use beatport tracks and tracks , they will also go, always very well “IN LIVE” but then “IN FINAL RECORDING” my evening mixed during my work, will be heard at a lower volume, when I hear it again in the car or with friends. it has nothing to do if the track is normal or modified, I am talking about the problem that will arise afterwards, when I go to record my mixed disco evening !! hopefully it’s clear now. with the pioneer this DOES NOT HAPPEN, whether the track / song is normal as per beatport, or modified, the RECORDING volume will always be the same good and acceptable, never had these low volume problems in recording … NEVER !!

Low usb recording volume is something which a few users have asked to be improved in the prime 4 suggestion area in the forum.

So denon know that some people use this option and that some extra gain or volume has been requested and a few people have voted for that suggestion


I talk about the wav file, created during the final recording phase, well that .wave file has a low volume, when it is heard or in my professional stereo tube amplifier in my recording studio, or in my car (high end stereo system my technical project built by me) and those of my friends, and also in home stereo systems, and all this does not happen, when instead I use the all-in-one consoles of the pioneer, in the various discoteques where I work, never having these problems, because the recording volume is specially designed to have a balanced volume in the final wav file created by the pioneer recording, it seems to me it was clear right? have you tried to work with pioneer console or not? I as a professional electronic technician, I prefer electronic denon, but they have this big important problem I’m talking about, which the pioneers don’t have, I’m talking about this with you hoping it’s clear. so now, to have a good volume in the recording phase, I have to turn up the gain potentiometers of both channels, which should not be done, but at least I can listen to my wave file just created during the disco evening !! I repeat with the pioneer I didn’t have to touch anything, and don’t change anything on the console, the recording output file is always excellent and not low in intensity of sound volume !!

An improvement to the Low recording volume from prime 4 is already in the suggestions area.

Just add your “like” to that suggestion so denon know how many people want that suggestion

thank you very much for your help, and I would also ask you to add the suggestion in the next firmware, of the Italian language package, I wrote several times to denon, and they promised me that they would do this, but I still don’t see it, as an electronic technician that I am, I can say that the thing is very simple to do in the firmware, because now in 2020, all electronic equipment that has an upgradeable firmware, have as a choice, changing the language of the customer’s country of origin, it seems so logical It is normal to insert this choice and this field, this would be another great favor for everyone in the world. Thanks again


And other languages! Hebrew etc so we can search playlists in those languages!


HAVE NOT YET SOLVED these problems even with this firmware that we have been waiting for 1 year !! it’s a big mockery and disappointment !! THE VOLUME IS STILL LOW AT THE RECORD OUTPUT !! THE PIONEERS I USE DO NOT HAVE THESE PROBLEMS, but in an intelligent way, they obviously use 2 separate volumes, one for the master out and the other adjustable for the recording out volume !! IT TAKES SO MUCH LITTLE !!


I understand your frustration, but there’s no need to double post or shout using capital letters.

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