Recording sounding low on the Prime 4

Has anyone experienced that after a few times you have recorded a set, when you listen it back the audio is barely hearable. It’s a huge problem if you ask me…the first like 5 times the audio was perfect. But now when i recorded something, the volume is like the half lower…i hope this can be fixed with an update or something. I don’t think we need to use programs to make our recordings sound louder if we pay this price for an extremely ass kicking device! Don’t get me wrong, i love it…but that is an big issue for me


See above. Already a huge post on it my friend :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh sorry, missed that! :sweat_smile:

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Can we check it through Audio testfiles ?

I will check my device, too - and report my measures by giving the master out setting / gain setting on channel - and the rerecorded audio file from prime4 with internal recording.

Edit: So in my test I´ve done now, I come to this decision:

Master output has nothing to do with recording volume. It is fully even, if you set master to unity or to +10dB or whatever this scale presents.

All recordings internally have the same output volume, except of fader movements.

The only volume change you get in recording is by the channel gain and fader.

In my recording I set the channel gain to little bit over half ( the first white LED was lit with the test signal … what I think that should be 0dB)

Channel Gain Fader in full possition

Output was: -20dB

0_16.wav (968.1 KB) original file

recorded file with the settings from above:

recording file Test Wave.wav



Confirmed. The recording level on the P4 is waaaaaaaaaay too low. As pointed out by DjDark the when channel output is set to 0db the recording is coming back at -20db. The recording is just too close to the noise floor. This needs to be sorted out.


There’s already several threads for this same observation. One of them is in the request section and can be voted for.


Thanks, I’ll go vote for it.

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Yes woefully quiet recording, the ability to adjust recording level is essential

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I have the same issue it records under 0db and I have to boost it up to hear the recording

When denon will fix volume record problem it’s to low you should update the firmware with an option that can adjust the record gain

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new firmware 1.4.1 and the record level still too low must fixed or they should add the feature on the screen on record options adjust level record … I have to use Audacity for increasing the level after export audio file to computer …

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How do you alter the level in audacity djreiko I’m new to audacity if you could help thanks

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ma perche dico io, sto volume è sempre basso in ogni aggiornamento del firmware? provengo da console Pioneer, mai avuti di questi gravi problemi , il volume era impostato molto bene senza che io dovevo preoccuparmi di alterare nulla ,mentre ora con questa prime4, devo lavorare con i gain a impostati a 3/4 del volume massimo, e se devo poi regolare mentre suno i gain sui vari brani che faccio? ho poco margine per farlo!! possibile che non riuscite a risovere questa stupia regolazione via firmware? non ci posso credere!! pioneer lo fa da quando è nata!! mai avuti problemi e ho speso molto di meno di questa prime 4!! risolvete perche sto lavorando male, e sono deluso, ogni volta devo preoccuparmi di regolare i volumi, altrimenti poi, dopo la registrazioni ottengo volumi molto piu bassi!! e basta eh!! risolvete!! e poiu altra cosa, aggiungete nel firmware la possibilita di scegliere la lingua in italiano eh, altra cosa, che fanno tutti, in qualsiasi elettronica del mondo, si programma il firmware anche per questo, sono anche un tecnico elettronico, e quindi parlo perche so che si puo fare!!

but why do I say, am volume is always low in every firmware update? I come from Pioneer console, never had these serious problems, the volume was set very well without me having to worry about altering anything, while now with this prime4, I have to work with the gains set at 3/4 of the maximum volume, and if then I have to adjust the gain while I’m playing on disco nights, what do I do? i have a quarter gain to work !! possible that you can not fix this stupid regulation by firmware? I can not believe it!! pioneer has been doing it since it was born !! never had problems and I paid much less than this first 4 !! you have to solve because I’m working badly, and I’m disappointed, every time I have to worry about adjusting the volumes, otherwise then, after the recording I get much lower volumes !! and enough eh !! work out !! and then another thing, add in the firmware the possibility to choose the language in Italian eh, another thing, that everyone does, in any electronics in the world, you program the firmware for this, I am also an electronic technician, and therefore I speak because I know what can be done!! I have already written several times to denon for these problems, but they never answered, instead I see here that this serious problem annoys many of us !!

this problem, for me, is currently very annoying because I come from a Pioneer installation to the Denon prime 4 because I find this device fantastic BUT I am very disappointed with this problem of recording volume! I hope that Denon will resolve this problem quickly with a new firmware update because I still have 3 weeks of testing before I decide to send back or not the device to the store. Come on Denon specialists… we trust on you!

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Not that I wanna sound like Flo Rida but The recording level is low low low low

And with so many other suggestions being a much higher priority than recording level, the priority for recording level being changed is also low low low low low

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Just select the audio file ok Audacity then select amplifier and i use New 5db parameter

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Yes indeed you right for the moment we have no other solutions but with a machine of 1700€ I think that it will be possible asap to correct this current problem.

It’s not normal make this… because denon must make this automatic and not by other software!! Console pioneer make this automatically!! The volume in recording its different that volume out live !!! It must to be two different volume …and not to influence one another but to be 2 different volume levels … pioneer consoles have been working for years like this !! never had these serious problems !!! denon is much more expensive and I can’t waste money and time using third party software Audacity or similar !! it’s absurd and crazy !! then I kept the pioneer !!

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What?! Hahahahahah pioneer just adds zeros to their prices and zero to their products


I see that you have not understood anything of the whole discussion !!! we are talking about the different levels that the pioneer has, one for live out, and another volume for recording the evenings, in wav files, mp3 etc etc … !!! reread all the discussions first, because all of us experts have the same problems !! thing that pioneer consoles doesn’t have of this problem !!