Very slight sound issue

Hi all

I’ve noticed this issue for a while but never reported it as it’s not a huge bug but every time I start my prime 4 as in turn on for a fresh set after powering down, after around 2 mins of playing something it will stutter/distort ever so slightly (sound) I would say a second at most and then after that it’s smooth sailing but it’s after every boot up.

Has anyone else noticed this? It’s so minor that it doesn’t really bother me so much but with the curious mind that I have I just thought I’d ask…

Before anyone asks I can’t quite remember when it started so not sure if it was after a firmware update etc and I’m on the latest release as of now.

I suspect it’s a media bottleneck.

What drives / usb sticks are you using?

There’s a bit of updating of playlists/libraries etc done during l/just after power up which takes a bit of resource. However as you’re the first person to mention this “every boot up I do, but only once, two minutes after I boot” rather than every prime 4 owner mentioning it, then I suspect it’s something local to your environment, rather than something on every Prime 4. Maybe slow media, maybe massive files (some of those 1 hour mega mixes?)

Or are you using any of the usb ports for anything not music critical eg: charging up your phone, or even worse, an iPad ?

I suspect you are right.

I’ve only got an SD card in at the moment. Will remove it and stream a few tracks on beatsource and see if the issue is still there.

Thanks Pasha

I can confirm that I also get a very slight audio glitch (a few milliseconds of skipped audio) a few minutes after booting my Prime 4. It’s been happening each time I power it up but as I’ve been away from my Prime 4 for over six months I’m unsure when it first came about.

It happens just the once on the first track playing and nothing after. I use SD card but it’s got a 1TB Samsung Evo SSD in it. I keep meaning to try and reproduce it reliably by removing drives etc until it stops doing it. A factory reset makes no difference.

That’s exactly the issue I’m talking about and literally happens on first track after power up and then it’s fine after that.

I can confirm the same exact behavior. It’s a little stutter, almost always encountered right after I hit play on the second track, during my first mix of a session. Both the screen and the audio seem to blip.

I do not believe it’s media related, as I have been only mixing tracks from Beatport for the past several weeks and I can confirm that this happens just about every time. I’ve been getting really frustrated with the behavior but also was wondering if it was just me, so I’m glad you’ve posted about it.

Yes I can confirm it’s not media issue as I took my SD card out and went onto Beatsource and it still happens. Also glad it’s not just me then and something unique to my p4.

Exactly the same for me.

It never did it on the previous 3.0 firmware but I’m only just starting to use the newer versions and noticed it.

Hello all,

Thank you for everyones input and thank you @SunnyJ for reporting this.

ThIs is currently being looked into.

I will reach out on this thread if we need any more information.

Many thanks, T.

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Hello :wave: I was asked to report my issue here. I also have this issue on my Prime 4 Plus. Happens when I start playing right after boot up. The waveform and audio will glitch slightly. Happs with the internall SSD and USB. I’ve not tried streaming services. Hope this helps.


Yes this is the issue I am talking about. Stuttering waveforms, audio becomes glitchy and so do the waveforms. Glad it’s being talked about because we definitely need a fix for it

Videos of your issue please. This thread is also nothing to do with stuttering waveforms, as pointed out by Mr Wilks on the main update thread, it’s about a sound issue.

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as a data point, ive got a prime 4+ with an installed 4tb samsung evo 870 formatted to gpt and i have not experienced this. the 870 eco is the only drive i use.

Hello everyone,

I have been able to reproduce this internally.

I believe this may be Wi-Fi related. If anyone gets the chance, could they attempt reproduction with Wi-Fi enabled and Wi-Fi disabled to confirm this theory.

Many thanks, T.


That’s interesting as I disable wifi as a rule when using my Prime 2 at gigs, out of habit from using a laptop and doing the same… ive not had the issue.

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Let me give that a try :ok_hand:

I will try this tomorrow as not around the device tonight but defo report back tomorrow as I have gig tomorrow night so will see if disabling the Wi-Fi makes a difference.

Thank you

Nope, what I did see is when i use 4 channel mode in the prime 4 the screen stutter was way less. And that was while playing only channel 1 and 2. When I switched back to 2 channel view in horizontal mode the stutter got worse. Not much of a problem though, and 2 sound hick ups. And even that is not present when i listen back the recording. Can it be a graphics case? I mean in two channel mode the two waveforms fill op the entire screen, in 4 channel mode the graphics are much smaller and maybee use less graphics memory? But he, i used a XDJ-RX2 and screen jitter was constant.

So my guess would be that it is a low memory issue?

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Hi Frank this thread is not about the stuttering waveforms.

It’s about an audio issue, the stuttering wave form is a different thread mate.


Oeps my bad, sorry for that :grimacing: