VDJ Database to Engine

hi, how do i transfer all my cue point from Virtual DJ to my MCX8000 to use as a standalone. i really want to use the mcx8000 only with the usb memory. if anyone cann help me, am sorry for my english. thanks

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The short answer - you don’t. The Virtual database isn’t compatible with Engine.

Hopefully the next version of Rekord Buddy will have support for Virtual, but nothing has been confirmed about that as far as I’m aware.

How are you going with VDJ and the MCX8000? How stable it is? Is there latency issues? Are all the buttons well mapped?

  • Como te ha funcionado VDJ con el MCX8000? Que tan estable es? Hay problemas de retrasos o latenicas? Esta bien mapeado?

I’m using MCX8000 with VDJ and it’s working brilliant! VDJ mapping team made a good work really! Stable and reliable

Hows the scratching with VDJ?

I’m not what you could call a scratch DJ but as far as I have tried it, it does behave as it should. There are numerous settings you can tweak the scratching performance in VDJ.

Hiya mate is there any chance you can email me the mapping file please ?

You won’t need a mapping file since VDJ support the MCX8000 natively