Engine DJ/OS with Import from Virtual DJ

That should be a GREAT thing to happend if you ask me. Casue i love the Prime 4 … but so far the feeling with using Engine DJ/OS to orginize the track/playlist/crates feels so 2020.

I want to use the same Libary i have on my Virtual DJ as in for the unit, with all my cue, loops and soo on. Then i’m gonna use the Engine OS more in the machine.

I know i can use a lot of 3’rd software to analyse/orginize my track and soo on, and get that into my machine, but many of this cost money and taking so much energy to just make it work :cry:

But otherwise with the new 2.0.2 both in DJ/OS make it better and better all the time. Keep on doing your awesome work Denon DJ Crew :heart:

VDJ Database Support

You may want to move this to the feature request area.

So folks can Vote (again)


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All i got is, when i want to change to Request Section :confused:

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