Utility Settings with two Turntables recording to Audacity

First I want to thank anyone who takes the time to read and reply to my post. I know it’s time consuming to help those who’s question seems to be a repeat of others. I have read most of the posts and none refer to using turntables. I use vinyl, yes vinyl, to play music and there are some questions I have regarding the Utility settings related to using turntables and recording a mix using Audacity. My set up, two Technics 1200MK7 turntables, Denon X1800 mixer. I am trying to record using the USB 1 cable to my PC. On my PC Sound Card the following are selected: Playback: Speaker/Headphone (RealTek) Record: Denon X1800 Line 9/10 On Audacity the following are selected: Preferences>Devices Host: MME Playback Device: Speaker/Headphone (RealTek) Recording Device: Line 9/12 (2-Denon DJ X1800 Pro Buffer Length: 100 milliseconds On the Denon X1800 Mixer: in the Utilities Settings: Utility>Advanced Audio>Master Out Lever: currently at 0db (should I reduce this?) Utility>Advanced Audio>USB Audio>Output Level: currently set at +6db (should this be changed), Utility>Advanced Audio>USB Audio>CH Input Level: currently set to +4db (should I increase or decrease this) Utility>Advanced Audio>DVS Setup: Ch 1 and CH 2 set to Phono Utility>Advanced Audio>Digital Settings: Digital Out Level: 0db, Digital Link-off, Digital Link Level: 0db (do I need to change any of the Digital Settings?) Utility>Sampling Rate: set to 44.1 Utility>Master Out: set to 0db I am having a lot of background noise in my recordings as well as a very low volume recording when I playback the resulting recording. Can anyone assist with settings changes to help with reducing the background noise and increase the recording input volume? I look forward to some positive feedback. Those who do not have positive feedback thanks for keeping it to yourself. Before I decide to return this mixer to the vendor I hope someone from Denon can assist as I have made many calls to Denon without resolution to my problem. Thanks in advance. TR

Hi Tommy,

First let’s go over the basics to understand a little more about the setup. A side note: nearly all of the settings you mentioned have nothing to do with the analog phono connection and recording to USB1. Also Master out is not Record out.

  • I’m guessing the 2 SL’s are connected to CH1 and CH2?
  • Are the turntables connected to the PHONO RCA inputs?
  • Are those channels set to PHONO? Not DVS!
  • Did you earth the RCA from the SL’s to the mixer?
  • If you play a vinyl record, trim the gain to have the sound on the channel meters hover at 0 (first white led).
  • Only setting that matter: USB output level is at +6. That’s okay. Mine is still at 0.
  • So, you can record audio; not getting the error in Audacity?

Hi Reese, Why did I know that you would be the first to respond. Thank you. To your questions.

  1. Yes, my two SL’s are connected to CH1 and CH 2 respectively
  2. Yes, the two SL’s are connected to the PHONO inputs in the back of the X1800
  3. Yes, the two SL’s are grounded to the mixer
  4. Always keep sound below 0 or hitting it occassionally
  5. should I set to 0 like yours?
  6. Yes, I can record out but with lots of background noise and other sounds I can’t understand. The only time I get an error in Audacity is if I set the Playback to: Denon DJ X1899 Line 1/2

Am I actually supposed to go through my PC sound card? I thought the Denon DJ X1800 was also a sound card? What output level affects the recording level? You mentioned that all the settings i mentioned do not have anything to do with the analog phono connection and recording to USB1. What setting do effect the analog connection and recording to USB1 or rather which settings should be adjusted for recording while using vinyl. I know that I can get a better recording that what I am getting now. I just don’t know the correct settings to get there. I really appreciate your help. Tommy

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Okay looks good. :wink:

No you shouldn’t need to go through your soundcard. Recording from X1800 channels 9+10 is the most direct way from the mixer to your computer. You could test with your soundcard using the digital out RCA or analog recording RCA’s to see how those levels turn out. You could also try the USB2 (if there would be something with the connector or perhaps cable; however you do see the X1800 soundcard as selectable…).

The only setting that would be affecting your current setup is the USB output level. You have it at +6, so that’s even louder than mine; which should be giving you a higher level in Audacity.

Thing is, do you even hear the real vinyl track or is it all static and noise??

Please check this also (but you seem to not get the error): X1800 and Audacity connection setup. I need help - #40 by Reese

(off to bed, will check in the morning)

Hi Reese, I apologize for the late response. Yes, you are spot on with your advice and connections. I now have a good signal from my X1899 to Audacity and I believe that I am set. I am just learning how to work with the effects and program them into the utility using the beat specifications I input. It’s tricky learning the correct echo response so that the sound output sounds professional. I know the X1800 is capable of producing the desired effect but I have to get to the end of my learning curve. Your assistance has been very valuable and convinced me not to take the X1800 back for it’s rival Pioneer model. The X1800 is preforming as described in the advertisements. Many thanks. Tommy


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