USB Database corrupt

Hey, my database on my USB was corrupted, probably because i dont usually press the eject button in my prime 4 when i remove the flashdrive. Anyhow, i can still access the usb folders on my computer but the engine prime software wont recognize it. Is there any way to copy over the music to another drive since the music is still there (with folders and cues). I have all my new music from the past months just on that USB not backed up because the engine software makes me crazy after using rekordbox and serato prior to this…

Is there any way to recover the music? It tells me to format the drive which i dont wanna do if i dont have to.

I guess you could just search the drive for *.mp3 then copy to a new place.

Yes you can. It’s only the engine library that is corrupted. Open your USB-drive on your computer, find the Engine Library folder and delete that. Open in Engine Prime Software and start to rebuild your Engine library. Then start to learn how to backup your Engine Library.

Or do it like this.

But my music is in the engine library folder? Thats what i wanna keep

If you really have nothing, you could try the SQLlite repair method found on the forum, but it’s unsupported. Then again, nothing is lost if you have nothing now.

If i go through the file explorer i can access the music and play it aswell. Its sorted in folders by artist. So i think there might just be a minor problem

Whether the database repair works, and I hope it does, or not. Get a second hard drive for tour music and keep it mirrored

Copy the music from the USB to somewhere else; just to be sure you have the music.

Repair the database.

Don’t Delete the Music Folder, delete the other files in the folder and start over again in the Engine Prime Software on your computer.

But backup your music somewhere else. Always keep things in two different places. You should always have a copy of your USB somewhere. A mirror on a second USB or on your computer.

Alright, so when i delete everything except music folder the engine prime software creates the same files again. And it no longer says the usb is corrupted, but it still doesent show up any playlist or any music at all. I guess thats because i deleted the file that organizes everything. Everything else works its just like a wiped out usb even tho my music is still in the music folder… hmmm

I guess you didn’t read or answered my options for you. Now you have no database anymore and you’ll need to rebuild your entire Engine Prime collection including beat grids, cue points, loops etc.

Sorry mate, i did read it, and i also copied the whole usb to another folder, i didnt even touch the original usb. What do you mean repair the database? I looked for the software you talked about but didnt find anything, i guess i will give it another look.

The music is still there and i tried to import a few songs to the engine prime and the cues were gone. Also i tried to just copy the files to another usb, and the usb is readable for about 2 secs, if im fast i can click playlists and view them but the software instantly crashes.

The options i see for myself is basically just importing all the music to my engine prime again and making new playlists and music folders, which really â– â– â– â– â–  because the software is so â– â– â– â–  at organizing at this point and i will lose all my cuepoints. Or ill just do the organizing in serato and then import the folders to engine prime. Thanks for trying to help me

In essence you have nothing but a corrupt database and not a corrupt USB stick.

Try this, absolutely not supported, option:

Then at least you have something more than nothing and you can fix whatever mishaps would be left if repair doesn’t fix them all.

After that. Backup 3-2-1.

The last step got me a error message. I think i have tried everything now. but it looks like its the m.db file that is damaged, idk if thats where the quepoints are stored but if the quepoints are stored somewhere else maybe i can use those databases for my new usb.

Mmm okay. M.db contains all the meta data, crates, playlist etc etc.

P.db contains the performance data like waveforms etc.

Ahhh thats unfortunate… Thanks for trying to help me and let me know if you find a fix :slight_smile:

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Could you upload the m.db and DM me a share link?

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Yeah for sure. I’ll do that right away.