Upgrade from Prime 2 to Prime 4?

Curious what the community thinks. Seeing as Prime 2 may be discontinued, would it make sense to sell it and upgrade to the Prime 4 before it becomes “officially” discontinued?

I don’t understand where you read that the Prime 2 is discontinuous, maybe it is temporarily unavailable on the market due to the lack of electronic components, but this does not mean that it will be removed from the sale.

Also, since Prime 4 was born earlier than Prime 2, in my opinion it is more likely that Prime 4 will become discontinuous one day compared to Prime 2.

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Discontinued isn’t the same as unsupported. As long as they keep providing firmware updates your gear will remain current.

If I was guessing, they have discontinued it because a new model is on the horizon, but this is just a guess.

I refer to this thread in this community:

There’s denon dealers that seem to believe it’s being discontinued. Thomann’s has stopped selling it, as has Sweetwater. It is still for sale, but it’s been discounted in some places (if you can even find it)

Prime 4 likely won’t be discontinued first, it’s the flagship product. inMusic has various other two channel controllers that appear to fit the market demand better.

just bought one last week

They might have stock leftover but InMusic isn’t making them anymore.

Doesn’t mean it’s still not a great product. And of course it’ll still receive support and updates for years to come.

Its a global chip and componsnt supply issue. Thorman and the likes have taken them down because they cant het a lead time

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I read they are prioritizing components for the PRIME 4.

loving my PRIME 2

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Prioritise all they want. Global chip shortage is affecting everything from microwaves to lorrys

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I made the switch. After waiting almost six months for my order to be fulfilled, my new Prime 4 just arrived yesterday. Slight workflow changes from the Prime 2 but so far, it’s great. Looking forward to tinkering with the Serato integration, but standalone works fabulously. Love the larger display and dedicated FX controls.