Unwanted increase in speed when cueing in a track

I’ve had a few occasions where dropping in a track on one layer using the a hot cue, causes both tracks to momentarily speed up by quite an amount and then come back to the original BPM. I’ll try and get a clip of the unit doing this so it’s clear what I mean.

In the meantime, anyone else experiencing this issue?

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sc5000 or the sc5000m?

Ive had this on my Ms, it is in other posts too, Denon need to sort it out, I have had it on cue many times, but this is mostly before I drop the track, have had it once as I dropped the tune in, making me look like a fool Denon!!! THEY ASKED ME TO DUPLICATE BUT IT IS TOTALLY RANDOM!! I love my kit but this does gripe me…Once on drop so played it equals less then 0.1% of the time, but they need to investigate these serious bugs…I do not practice for this but when playing out I really do not respect it happening,even when just queing up. It is as if the first play is not processed even though the track is bpm equated and given beat grid info, in engine process on laptop but fails in transfer to sc5000m player.

like I said RANDOM so the same track may not do this the next time using same processed track, but does seem to happen more or freshly turned on decks then warmed up ones??

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Are you using mp3s?

My collection is not in the mp3 format. But I notice weird things happing when I play some of the very few tracks I have that are in the mp3 format.

I’ve a mix of formats; MP3, WAV, AIFF. I was mixing AIFF’s when I had the issue.

It seems to me that the player speeds up both tracks to the original BPM of the dropped track on the incoming layer. And then it comes back down to the master BPM from the original layer.

If others are having this issue, maybe you could post your symptoms below too. The more tech support have to go on, the more chance they have of tracing the issue and fixing it.

It has nothing to do with the cue. It will do it at a random point in the music until you put the fader back to zero. It’s the motor speed going up, not anything on-screen or with analysis or engine on your laptop. I never bothered to try changing layers when it happens, though. Makes sense that it would stay with the layer change because pausing and playing makes no difference.

I got an M too.

You’re right, it does appear to be pretty random. However, I have a recording of it happening - https://soundcloud.com/option-d/denon-sc5000m-speeding-up - which may help support.

I’ve dropped them a mail. They need to get this fixed if they want to be taken seriously for live performances. This is the sort of thing that can make you look like a rank amateur when you’re playing out.


Sorry if repeating myself a bit here. to be more clear on what I have experienced. Yep most of my tunes are MP3 format and quite a lot of them are Wav, thanks to Option-D and others, also Reticuli is correct in his observation that it can happen at any point but for me it does seem to happened as I first press play on the tune to cue it up (for the tunes that have done it to me that is) it has not happened on any pre set cue points & only when I have first pressed play on a tune I was about to cue up and as soon as I adjust the pitch, the track slows down to the pitch it should have been at, sometimes quite a considerable amount of bpm in the tune as when it has happened for me the tune was playing way too fast. Almost like playing a 33rpm record at the speed of a 45rpm. I personally have no idea why it happens? motor glitch, software error or whatever but I hope Denon do look into it more. No one wants this to happen in a live situation and luckily for me it has only happened a few times as I have cued a tune, only once has it happened as I pressed play with the tunes channel levels already audible(luckily I was not playing out) and I have not been able to duplicate it with the tunes it has happened on. In total it has happened to me 5 times now, (none captured on recording device or video…sorry). Owned my Ms since 1st day of release and I have grown to love them more then my previous sc3900s and just as much as my 1210`s. because it happens so rare and randomly I think Denon may struggle to find the root cause…hope I am wrong

You know what, we should try next time this happens to turn Vinyl off, then change layers, then move the pitch back to zero, then back to where it was, then back to the other layer. Might be a better way than speeding the track up even more temporarily.

So I’ve just listened to a 2 hour mix that I did a couple of days ago. There are slow downs as well as speed ups! I reckon about half a dozen in all, over a two hour mix. That’s pretty bad. I might as well stick to my 30 year old, never been serviced once, 1210s. They hold pitch better.

I’ve been in touch with Denon support. Nothing back yet, but I’m seriously thinking the unit needs to go back if they don’t have any plans to address the situation.

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Slow downs? I can’t recall noticing that.

It might be my ears playing tricks on me, but I’m certain I heard one slowdown over the course of the mix.

When I get a moment, I’m going to throw the mix AIFF file into Ableton Live. I kept a steady BPM throughout the mix, so Ableton should show up any changes in BPM quite easily.

I’ve had a few instances when cueing using the platter on the 5000M leave the track playing at a much higher BPM than the BPM set for the layer.


With more of us reporting strange events like this Denon should be looking a bit deeper to find the reasons for these?

I am happy it is a rare occurrence but dread the day this glitch is going to catch me out live, I have had vinyl that did not jump last play catch me out so it will be the quip drop out, and crack on. this technology is why we advance but new technology includes new issues like all things.

Still love Denon but they can always improve and Inbrand own so much tech now they should improve customer care to equal research & development

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only the speed up issue for me too?

I’m gonna give mine a good rinsing and record on video and see what happens. I plan to take it out for the first time in 2 weeks so I gotta know the do’s and don’ts.

Any of you guys using sync/master when this is happening?

Is this happening using only one deck or between 2?

The Ms getting warm seemed to induce the issue.

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When I first bought mine I was playing with the layer feature and saw that the turntable stops, starts, changes speeds when bouncing between layers and thought this can’t be good for the motor. So I don’t have the platter running usually unless I’m scratching and I turn the motor off before changing layers.

I never thought to listen to hear if anything out of the ordinary was going on like speed ups or slow downs but some tracks that I played the audio would cut out after a few seconds from the beginning. This only seems to happen with mp3s for me.

One more thing. How are you guys setting your record on the platter?

Try this,

Load and play a track with motor on. Scratch and turn motor off. Now with motor off pitch bend with the platter. Now turn motor on and scratch. Then turn the motor of and pitch bend with the platter.

If you see what I’m seeing than think about what you are doing when you change layers.

It seems to me the software thinks we’re doing something when we want to do something else maybe.

I never turn the motor/vinyl-mode off except just to test how well it works. Sort of defeats the purpose of having the Ms. And the bend is twice as sensitive as it should be with it off, anyway. If they’d found some way to do a single unit that could be either touch or moving platter, that would have been cool.

Did you try what I posted to see what I’m saying?