UK release date

Hi guys is there a UK release date for the sc6000m and x1850 yet? says they expect delivery on 18th May but thats ages away yet. I’ve got £4000 in my account ready for 2 sc6000m and a x1850 but the longer it sits there the less likely they’ll be enough left in there when there finally available in stores. If anyone from DenonUK see’s this, has some in their warehouse and fancies helping me out before they hit the shops, drop me an email it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Just have patience weirdo. Dont you know the world is ending?

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I’m thinking “Autumn”.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up for any Spring or Summer I boxing’s.

The calculation being:

Take Denons mentioned date of Q2 (which in itself only identifies a quarter of a year) Quarter 2 ends on the last day of June. So basically denon are hinting at June/July

But… add in Recent historic “Denon” release date swerves on other denon DJ product releases.

So… take “July” and add in “we want to change something in the firmware last minute, before it goes out” (+3 weeks = still just inside July)

Then the bit about “every denon warehouse that’s got stock piles of product x is now pushing the firmware into the models before dispatch (+2 weeks = Early to mid August)

Then add in a few days for travel of that first phase from stock piles to distributors warehouses (+1 week = mid/late August). This phase will be the first xxx quantity only, where stores and retailers will get just enough stock in to get one on display and satisfy only their longest waiting priority customer, like who paid in full months before.

Then the individual stores/retailers getting those first phase of units could be a few days on top of that (+1 week = late August)

The longest waiting Individuals receive their models from the first wave. Firmware team holds its breath as the first recipients are early (un)witting beta testers. Any glaring “how did we miss that?” Firmware blips are corrected and made into firmware 2 and firmware 2 is dumped into the next stockpile of the model, worldwide. (+3 weeks = mid September)

Models with firmware ver 2 circulate globally as above… (+2 weeks = Sept / Oct)

All the above is shear guesswork based on looking through some of the older forum threads about the Prime 5k, the x1800 and much more recently, the prime 4.

Maybe the above calcs are dragging things back a little bit, and maybe the new models might be in real peoples (not magazine reviewers or the scourge of so-called on-line reviewers) hands before Halloween, but consider this= none of the above calcs have taken corona delays into account, specially in the earlier stages of the scene above.

If I were waiting for a prime 6000 or a prime 2 or prime go, I wouldn’t sell my current playback gear until a few weeks after I’m unboxing my very own new gear.

Same I just took the plunge but if Denon long it out i’ll cancel it I want time to practice with it during this lockdown so I am ready to go

i gave up waiting and went out and got a pair of sc5000m and x1800 to see me through lockdown until the 6000m and x1850 finally hit the stores

I’m with you on that in fact no it’s just long I don’t mind waiting but I’d like to know how long for why is Denon not being straight up and say when it will drop,

We haven’t set an official release date yet but we are still targeting Q2 as we mentioned during our NAMM announcement. I’m sorry but we cannot provide something we don’t have.

We will be sure to update everyone once units are available.


Thanks for the update!

I’m new to the Denon family and have just pre-ordered a pair of SC6000s.

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Hi @RobFrancis welcome to the family! You’re gonna love the SC6000’s!

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Yep yep yep… Anyway, We still can afford products from asia in 3 days… where are Denon factories ?

3 days is good to know

I was informed by my DJ gear dealership that Denon are expecting to ship the SC6000s at the end of June / beginning of July. Still some time to wait…

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I have seen dates early June until early July… I just ordered an x1850 while waiting for the SCs to hit the shelves, any official updates you can share on this matter yet @JWiLL

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Any updates yet? My X1850 is looking rather lonely :slight_smile:

Probably around 2 weeks after end of corona

I regular send and receive small parcels worldwide and the last couple of months regular expected time scales are off into the deep blue and no one knows and no ones around to ask or explain.

The main carriers I use are just dropping into the “sorry don’t know” mode. One of my mates in the United Kingdoms says that the best store for getting dates Straight out of Compton, I mean Denon, is from DJKit at Newbury. You could ask them about sc6000 delivery dates even if you didn’t order from them.

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Ok, so Gear4Music will have stock 16-18th of June. However, they only have 10 on order and 7 are already sold. So if you’re quick you might be able to get some. They told me their next batch won’t be until August.

This might be an indication of general availability though, so thought I’d share.


Hmm if Denon themselves have not indicated a release date I would be mindful off going what the retailer is saying, the shop i ordered mine told me at the time end of April so I was like sweet but April came and went May has came and went and still no update, having said that i hope Denon do release the 6000s soon as I need to get a flight case etc

I’ll update here again once I either receive them or I’m left waiting. I just wish Denon were a little more transparent about release dates.

During a worldwide pandemic ?

What would denon gain from being opaque about release dates? Maybe a rival DJ equipment maker has given free headphones to every dealer who’ll tell the public that the 6k has been delayed until 2021 haha haha. Many a true word spoken in jest ?

I tried two stores yesterday about release dates on the 6k and they both said 3rd week of June. We’re in June already and if everywhere else is like Germany currently, there’s no likelihood of going to a gig until November. That’s still plenty of practice time.

I hear that bruv it must be soon p4 p2 and the go are out the new software update is out unless i missed something there are no more products some people have the x1850 mixer already