Tree and listview scroll logic is off (stutters with trackpad + inertial scroll)

Howdy folks! I’m unsure if this is known to the community, but it seems that the scroll logic for Engine DJ 2.1.0 is really off. Long story short, try to scroll the grid view on the right using the “Magic” (LOL Apple) trackpad and the view resets to some previous value during the scroll, then continues the inertial scroll. I’ve run into this both on the M1 and Intel macs, so I don’t think it’s a hardware architecture issue.

This issue occurs both on the gridview and the tree view as well.

  • Engine DJ v 2.1.0
  • MacOS Monterey (12.3)
  • Intel Architecture & M1Max architecture

Here’s a video demonstrating and explaining how to reproduce:

Bump. Anyone else experiencing this?

It’s still a problem as of today. It’s really annoying. I hope they fix it soon. You should tag this as a bug-report

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I feel really silly asking this: How does one flag something as a bug here?

I just meant you should tag it with ‘bug-report’. Not sure if it really makes any difference or not. When you first create a post it allows you to add tags to it. I think you can do it after the fact as well.

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