Tracks not showing as played or going green

Tracks not showing as played on hardrive. to much hassle to keep going to history to see if played. it used to go green on 1.6 now 2.4 no luck. this needs to be sorted

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I think this can sometimes happen when a database gets a bit glitchy. Is it the same on all drives that are plugged in?

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It happens on all drives, was working on 1.6 then stopped working when update. now 2.4 still not working

Interesting. Hopefully someone can chime in on this.

What hardware is it not working on?

@DJSPINKS Do you use other History list as reference? That indeed stopped working and does not show played state anymore since version 2.0 and above sadly…

I’ve replied to other inconsistencies with played stayed in an earlier topic in December 2021 :