Tracks and Metadata getting Mismatched

This is painful. I just noticed that MOST of the tracks that I imported into the Engine Prime Software (EPS) from my iTunes playlists resulted in those tracks having the incorrect metadata attached to them. In other words, all the songs I have in a playlist within iTunes, they do transfer over, but then when I open them up in EPS, most of those songs are not correct! They’re random tracks that I own but don’t belong in that playlist. So I decided to go through ALL OF MY PLAYLISTS within EPS, and remove all the tracks from each of them, and then re-import all the tracks. This seemed to work, but it resulted in something even more weird…

Some tracks just won’t import at all. I drag and drop the file directly into the playlist within EPS, and I see the scroll bar running at the bottom, but then nothing. So then I tried copying the song file to my desktop, and then dragging and dropping that file copy into the playlist. That seemed to work; however, it imports it as a different song! The correct track plays, but all the meta data is different.

I’m running across a bunch of tracks in my playlists that are mismatched. The tracks don’t match the meta data that is attached to them. What the heck?

These same files are fine when I click the playlist within the iTunes icon within EPS. But this is not the case with those files when they’re located within my HD.

I noted another thread that reported this issue back in 08/2019, but I didn’t see any resolution. Please help.

You may need to rebuild your database.

You will loose any hot cues, and loops set in Engine Prime.

Same kind of problem here. Rating is not copied. Anybody knows why?