Track preview on PRIME 4

Track preview on PRIME 4 – In library view, tap the album artwork from the track list to quickly preview without having to load the track.

This needs to be added to PRIME 4 Asap.

Thank You.

God Bless.

DJ Maestro.


On the SC5000 this feature is fantastic and it’s great! We hope they can also add it to P4, if this is possible.


I agree please add this feature in the next firmware update please thanks.


See explanation here:

And ideas here:

So after all the beging for having a track preview in track list you put that feature to the SC’s only???

What is wrong with you people?


I would have thought if anything this would be easier to implement on the Prime 4, just dump the preview out over the headphone jack only


I think Denon have added this feature to the SC5000 first, ahead of the Prime 4, because Denon do really listen to their customers.

The last time that the Prime 4 got a firmware release, which wasn’t all that long ago, there were posts from SC Prime users asking Denon why the SC Prime has been forgotten and ignored for updates.

I think this release is just Denon DJ carefully keeping the balance.

well it called “the next milestone for prime series” So deploying different features inside a series eco system ist the dumbest thing I ever have seen. The only Denon is achieving by that is ■■■■■■■ me off like crazy

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Are you suggesting it’s Denons fault if a minority are selfish or impatient.

Denon have not said that the feature won’t come to Prime 4. The feature just came to SC Prime first.

Very very important indeed. This is the only thing that prevents me for buying one.

You have to be quick previewing and skipping through the tracks otherwise you are just playing your playlist in order. or you have to load to listen and that’s not good.

You could assign preview cue to the main headphones when no channel cue is selected. For quick skipping you could use the back and forward button on the sides (maybe with shift or something like that)

But again, essential.

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You could just learn the songs in your library… Or is that too much to ask?

Well before preview was a thing this is what DJs were doing, stop being lazy and looking for shortcuts everywhere. Put some work in and take pride in your craft.


Why are you so condescending? You don’t even know my set up or who I am.

I’m a DJ since 20 years, played with some of the best in the world. Played with turntables and with pretty much everything since. Even played 2 DJs on 2 different mixers at the same time, without sync… try to figure that out.

I still hook up my old discontinued faderfoxes because I like the feel even if I have tons of newer controllers. DJs don’t even know what they are when I play in clubs.

The reason why I opted for my actual flow is because it’s BETTER FOR ME and more powerful. not because I’m lazy.

So let me explain. I know my tracks. I’m looking for textures, feelings, loops, similar patterns, on up to 3-4 decks at the same time.

I DON’T HAVE TIME to load. And if you load, the track is label as played.

It maximizes improvisation and layering.

That’s why my flow is powerful and I DECIDED to stop playing on CDJs, that was back in 2009.

This is about technology, and this is a forum to ask questions to find what feels right for you. Stop being an ass an assume we are all noobies.


Check my explanation above as to why it is not yet available for Prime4.

As to marker “track played”; I think that’s only after 30 seconds of uninterrupted play.

I do agree with this one. Or am I missing out here? At least for me the preview feature is to, doh, preview the track. No need to apply (channel) effects or so. A simple output as ‘cue’ in the headphone would work…

Wow, that was a little over the top!!

as mlarrivee stated, without knowing the situation or more importantly who you’re actually talking to, calling them “lazy” definitely makes you look like the issue rather than the solution.

However, that is some people’s motivation…to cause issues rather than help.

It’s possible many here are MUCH more accomplished than you or I and that was completely condescending.

It seems the way of the world now.

Reese, your explanation seems to be logical but since you can only cue one channel at a time, couldn’t preview be automatically routed to the headphones via the Cue bus?

I’m definitely for Preview, as I have many tracks that I don’t know, remember or care to listen to entirely as they are sometimes requests.

Another reason, there are many remixes of a song that I may have but I’m too “lazy” to extensively write out a complete paragraph in comments of the differences.

However, if I could “Preview” it, I know immediately if its the one I want.

Different strokes for different folks.

Commenting these 2 things below does not mean that I do not want the preview. I would certainly like to see it and I am confident that it will come when ready.

That’s a setting. You can certainly cue multiple channels at the same time by default. Also when your solo cue (when active) is activated on the channel with an open fader you still have a problem.

Prime 4 is pretty damn fast with track loading. And when in default view you have the mini browser. Loading a track is a single click. Toggling over to Library view and press Preview Play takes actually more time than using the default setting (vertical waveform with mini browser). If we’re talking I DON’T HAVE TIME for me personally search speed is much more important than track preview in library view.

Yes what I meant by not having time to load, is not only the loading itself (i’m sure it’s much faster than loading on a CDJ) but the whole process of skipping through the track, back and forth, up and down the list. In Traktor the whole preview process is insanely fast when you map it to a controller.

su sc5000 è stato aggiunto il pre-ascolto. Spero che questa funzione venga aggiunta anche su PRIME 4. Non puoi ricordare 10000 brani dal titolo.

Ciao, sul prox aggiornamento hanno detto che ci sarà anche su P4 il pre-ascolto.

on the next update Denon said it will also be on P4

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Please! Please! Please! thanks for the Track Preview