Time to send sc6000 back

Had enough with freezing and locking up. Too many problems for a week old product. Who else is still having the same problems. Any other fix ideas out!

Any specific info maybe? How did You managed to freez up a unit? Never heard of it.

Denon has updated the firmware for the sc6000s try that they did not announce this very well if i only knew due to turning on the players. It has made a difference but i need to test it further.

They will freeze during a set. Screen freezes then unit locks up. Power button won’t turn it off and have to remove power cable and wait the minute. It’s down to one sc6000 and the one that has done it the most since the very first time I played with it.

in that case you could just get a replacement from your dealer or denon.

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Already put an email in for it. Of course they dont have any. But its okay. Maybe 6000’s are needed.

I think the first batch was delivered via air freight. More stock is coming via sea.

They didn’t say it was coming by speedboats :speedboat:

Probably a slow cruiser.

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It was by Balloon carrier!