Tidal price change for DJs from April

Tidal have announced that from April 2024 the pricing for DJs is increasing.

$10.99 for consumers. $19.99 for DJs.

I was pretty disappointed when I got the email about this. They’re also dropping the military discount. $20 for DJs is just enough to make me switch to something else. I’m probably going to start focusing on building a larger local collection of music.

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Yeah, I moved away from Tidal a while ago, knowing this was due. I have no access to streaming on my Prime kit now. I wonder if we’ll see this happening across the other providers. Some have already stopped stem separation.

I don’t have any active subscription for a while, but afair it was about 8-9€ for the regular HiFi tier, which was perfectly fine for me and most other users (320kbps). That new plan equals a price doubling. Lossless is better for offline files than streaming anyway, especially where cellular or Wi-Fi connection is mediocre.

Tl, dr: No, thanks.

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Can anyone explain to me what the difference is?

What would a DJ get instead of a normal user?

I was thinking about TIDAL as I spend so much on Apple Music, also it makes sense to get a subscription and stop buying music which others are getting for free elsewhere.

The only advantage is probably the ability to cache tracks for offline use. This has been implemented in VirtualDJ. Not sure about Rekordbox or Serato.

Offline caching (for any service) is a long promised thing from Denon. Maybe now is the time?

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You “get” to make money on the back of the Tidal service when you are out playing bangers and serving sambuca’s


Just saw this email from them. So if I still only want to use 16/44.1 lossless for DJ streaming, they’ve effectively multiplied the student price X4 (300% increase). From $5/month to now $20/month with features I don’t need. Absurd.


So I get this correct, you join a streaming service, download tunes you like into a playlist let’s say, then you upload them to your Prime 4 where you have the internal storage device and then you can use them as you please and don’t need to be connected to the internet? If this is what they are going to do that is a game changer and why would anyone ever buy music again? Sorry brain engaged before typing :joy: so how do you analyse tracks on these stream services? I take it’s just the same process with a Prime 4? For £9 or $9 more it’s a no brainier. Have I got this correct?

Also should have said thanks for the reply to my question.

:joy: So your thoughts are for the professionals and not the hobby DJ. Sambuca only if it’s black :joy: I can’t do the clear stuff for some reason.

When Denon do finally get around to enabling offline storage then you will be able to cache a certain amount of tracks from the service on your device, enabling playback without requiring an internet connection.

It’s not permanent though, and the tracks are protected, so you don’t own them and they can’t be played anywhere else. They would stop being playable if you cancel your subscription.

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That’s how I thought about it, I’ve already contacted them for an answer, as if it’s like the person above said then this is great value for money if you can get the tracks you wanted, as a hobby DJ I’m not out making cash, I’m spending my cash on tunes from Apple, I’ve been tempted to go to one of these free sights and get 100,000 tracks for free, however I keep having a moral battle about this, if someone could get for free what my business done I would be finished and that’s not fair, even though many DJ’s have said I’m mad for buying new tracks all the time. I guess time will tell, fingers crossed it’s much more than just ripping off DJ’s as we actually promote music for free.

Ah cool, so I think I’ve got this wrong then, I have a PRS license with my business that I was going to use if I ever went out DJing, so this is just for DJ’s who want to stream music from the TIDAL service and pay double for the pleasure. Sounds like a bad deal to me as it will just push DJ’s to a cheaper service. Thanks for the clarification

I wonder what places DJ’s get their music for free?

This price change is insane. Did Tidal not just drop stems support as well ? I have used Tidal and Beatport for a longer time and even with the lower quality on Beatport I had so much more fun.

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So they got back to me so quickly as I said to customer service I’m thinking of joining the subscription, so this is what you get and also who it works with. Wow is my thinking, the more seasoned DJ’s please your thoughts before I spend more cash that I might not need too.

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It says they will allow stem separation on this new subscription.

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Neither Tidal’s adulterated ‘Hires’ nor stems separation are of interest to me, unfortunately.

I’ll probably end up back on Soundcloud, even though it’s not lossless. They have more diverse & obscure electronic & dance stuff, anyway. The whole point of me going Tidal was better sound quality at the same price as Soundcloud even if I lost some of the selection diversity and the great sub-genre categorization. Tidal’s organization is horrible. I’ve gotten past that, though, by creating/stealing a massive number of playlists, which I’ll be sad to lose.

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Thank me later.