Tidal Playlists Showing Empty

I don’t think offline storage will be coming to Tidal any time soon, as it’s primarily a consumer service.

On the other hand, Beatsource Link (assuming you’re an ‘open format’ DJ) does allow offline storage. It’s just not integrated into the Denon hardware yet.

If you’re DJing at all, regardless of pro/non pro, you should try and have at least some purchased music that you can play - just for safety. It’s NOT about being old (kradcliffe) it’s about having a backup plan. Things don’t always “just work”, no matter what they are.


Not good at all. I have a gig this weekend and had my playlist ready. What a bummer.

In addition to Tidal I also use zipdj. All my music from there is on a TB back up drive that I use with my mixstream pro.

Sorry but this made me cackle.

This is going to to ■■■■ but if you have to you can bring your phone to reference tidal playlists and then on the player manually search for them and load them. That was working for me last night

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MP3? Vinyl! in the 70’s I had two technics turntables and a cross-fader… my how times have changed. :older_man:

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I did something similar. Annoying but I worked around it.

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Agreed , a bit misleading this issue is “fixed” when infarct it’s only “identified”. For sure a timeframe would be more useful

Tidal service has been restored.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked with Tidal to resolve this issue.

Now take those 90 million tracks and rock the weekend :slight_smile:

Vince + the EOS team.


Awesome! Thanks to the team for being on it

this is a tired perspective — a service included in the product they paid for doesn’t work. Complaining about it is totally reasonable. “you also need to be prepared with backup tracks all the time otherwise stfu” is not helpful, is not empathetic, and is weirdly defensive.

That’s not what I said. I’m offering advice based on my many decades of DJing experience. Having a backup plan makes total sense. It’s not “defensive” to offer advice to others.

I didn’t say people shouldn’t complain either. By all means report the problem. It’s the part about the equipment being useless and/or not being able to do gigs because of it that I’m commenting on.

Although I see the merits of setreaming in certain situatuons (house parties etc) there is absolutely no way I’d turn up at a wedding with the evening’s playlist reliant on streaming.

That’s just asking for trouble.

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