The table with the list of songs in EngineDJ on MAC

The table that shows the list fo tracks in Engine DJ needs “work” on EngineDJ for MAC.

There are already some other posts, that scrolling is sometimes quite “weired”. (not saying “broken”)

And also when you want to edit a cell the behaviour is kind of strange. Sometimes a single click works to start editing a cell (eg. track name or comments). Sometimes you need a double click. But sometimes this loads the song.

Sometimes a single click and then start typing is necessary to see the cursor.

Sometimes you click on a cell in a column to the right, then the track title at the very left is edited (and deleted once you type a key) …

Its just broken … on mac.

(Other than that the software is great!!! The audio quality is AWESOME!! but please help us poor DJs who need to work with this every night!)

Kind regards, Robert

I agree the way they’ve implemented tag editing is awkward. We didn’t have tag editing at all prior to that!

Ideally the tag editing should be done in a dedicated window giving us access to all the tags of the file at once, rather than one at a time.

This is how VDJ does it:


I just want to add, that is annoying on all the software I’ve used, certainly not exclusive to Engine.

I’ve run into this issue.

A few of the UI event models should be rethought / revisited.

I’ve had it on my to do list to write a bug report for how playlist tree nodes are handled. The clicking on the chevron should collapse / expand the tree, not trigger a selection event.

Most modern tree views expand / collapse on click on the expand/collapse mouse click event.

I’ll see about posting a bug report tomorrow.