The RMX-1000 by Roland possible to use it on my Prime 4?

The RMX-1000 by Pioneer possible to use it on my Prime 4?

t.h.x. for your answer in advanced :wink::sunglasses:!

RMX1000 is made by pioneer, not roland. It is possible to use it, but only on master output.


In theory one could feed the cue signal (via second h/p socket) to the RMX-1000 and then feed the RMX back into a spare mixer input.

And get unmixable delayed signal…

Really? A £600 FX unit by the “industry standard” manufacturer has latency that bad?

No its not that bad.

Yep… it makes analog to digital conversion, then dsp and then back digital to analog - this takes time…

As far as I am aware, the RMX-1000 is usually connected to the Send-Return channels of mixers. Why do you think that plugging the rmx-1000 into one spare mixer input is worse (in terms of delay) than connecting it to send-return? Is there any difference in delay times between those channels? Just curiosity!

Yes, I have xone 96, and noticed the delay between rmx1000 and completely dry signal. I googled it a bit and You can find many people having the same problem. On Pioneer forum they even acknowledge the delay.

If You use a mixer with send/return loop like on djm’s or denon x series - You will not notice it because there is about the same delay as Your internal fx unit makes. So these mixers are accounted for it.

When You start using an analog mixer with no delays in the signal, things start to get noticeable. Same You will get when sending the effect back on the mixer channel. Try, and You will hear the phasing.

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Isn’t there a zone out on the p4 that can be rigged for it. Although it will not be a full experience.

But I mean, using a digital fx unit and a digital mixer, is there any difference in delay between using the fx unit connected to the send-return bus, and a mixer out to fx unit to line in into a spare channel of the mixer?

I hope i explained myself correctly…

Yes, as I wrote, then You will get the phasing effect same like on analog mixers. As Your channels are in phase, the input signal send out and returned to the channel will be delayed of the time that fx needs to process the audio.

Yes I know there is delay, but from these two options:

  1. Mixer Send → Fx unit → mixer Return (results in delay1)
  2. Mixer Output → fx unit → mixer ch. Line In (results in delay2)

Delay1 = delay2 ? Or delay1 < delay2 ?

Delay 1 < Delay 2 When using digital mixer.

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How can I post a short video here or is there any option like .zip? I’m having issues with youtube management right now and I really want to show how s/n works.

Just add the video directly to the post or something?

LOL, my fault.-) my thoughts was on roland mx1 while written this lines for RMX-1000 .-)

what means “Only on Master Output”? Is that a problem for 100% using my RMX? or its just an information.-)?

Information - this is how You can have it running

Can i use the RMX-1000 for 100% with its full scope of services?

i think about it to buy 1 RMX-1000 to connect it to my Prime 4 :wink:

but before i do this, I want to know in advance about all issues or other problems

You can use all its effects, but as You will use it on the Master Output, it will affect the complete mix, not only a single channel. Be aware of that.