The passion is gone

Its always on me… Not one solution given for any problem ive stated has worked for me … And im not just on here complaining either. Anyhow i can say things and retract or have a change of heart… I can also choose to admit when I might have gone over the top which in fact I did so climb off my back please…

So let’s start over then.

Maybe show us the biggest problems you have first and go from there. We might be able to reproduce or shed some light on the matter. Might be user error, interpretation of function or even hardware defects.

For instance.

  • I read something about the pitchfader: isn’t that the soft takeover function perhaps?
  • Drifting speed: try and instant double a track and see if that goes out of sync.
  • Beatgrid editor: this one needs a video to explain to us better I think.

I will chek drift w/ the double track thats a good idea… Ty. Its crazy cuz for only moving .1 it will sound like it moved 2.5… Im rusty but a mere .1 should be, give or take-maybe 8 notes b4 we start to notice the falling off…right?

What pitch range are you using on the device? i have mine set at 8% to match the technics 1210 and ive found it to be accurate with enough scope for mixing whilst also allowing for accurate adjustments when beat matching.

Was using 10…and i i have set to beat sync although im not toggling sync…

Even on CDJs ill try and set it at 6% so it is more forgiving to movement, ive found the lower numbers are far better at accurately moving the pitch to where you want it. If you’re used to/familiar with how it used to work on 1210s then try it on 8% and see if its better.

Regarding soft-takeover.

If you use layers, that will always be there without sync active. You’ll see in which direction the fader must go first, before it becomes active again, by the green triangle leds.

Maybe omit using layers for now and mix from deck to deck.

Thx folks i will put ur recomendations to action when the fam gets going l8r… P.S. i am def a legit mental case so I appreciate the straightforward talk sometimes I just need to be put in my place and thanks for hitting that reset button I’ll try my best to keep my tongue in check… also I’m not a baby I can laugh at people talking s*** on me but typically I need them to make me laugh first​:boom::boom:


One thing to try with your beatgrids is to reanalyse your collection.

When you import tracks into your Engine collection, it scans the files and uses its existing BPM data.

If you right click on a file it will give you an option to “reanalyse” and this will now analyse the file using the Denon DJ algorithm. It’s actually pretty accurate (most of the time). It can fall over with drum and bass but that’s just the way it is with that kinda thing. Serato DJ does too.

So yeah, that may help keep grids locked a bit longer. Live drummed or vinyl rips may drift grids but can be corrected with the editor.

Oh and I’m not sure if you already know or not but if you’re dictating text on your phone you can say the punctuation and it adds it for you. I use it all the time.

Just say”full stop”, “new paragraph”, “comma” etc while you’re talking and it does it all for you. It’s my most used thing!


Prime 4 & Prime Go owner.

They never failed on me.

The Engine software the other hand…

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That alone has told me, and I suspect several others here, that you have not practiced with the unit anywhere, and I truly mean ANYWHERE, near enough. Hint: green arrow LEDs at each end of the pitch slide control.

There is no 15 sec toggle on the pitch.

When you’ve got that one figured out, worked out your error, ask about the other items which you also think are not working.

Manuals - they’re really useful

Everyone needs to unload from time to time, especially if your new equipment has failed on you, I’m sure that really was a disappointment, I’m very new to Denon products and controllers, 1210’s were in my view the best product till I bought a Prime 4, it has taken me to reach it to this forum each time I have something wrong or don’t understand the how too, let the others know the problem and someone will help on here, seriously there is a heap of knowledge. I also like that you can come on here and unload, sometimes it required.


One thing I just noticed is that the search doesn’t have the ability to parse syllables, so if you break up the words into syllables as separate words on your own, you may increase your chances of finding something that’s not a conjunction or something. That helps when search seems to be frustratingly not working.

From time to time my passion for the DJ culture has taken a tougher beating than my channel faders. But this inspirational video always brought me back from the brink…


Dj makes crowd dance. Morons makes noise.


Boom. Headshot.

Working up my monobrow right now.

It has been 2 weeks. Any news? @DeeJayDeePee

I’m still on the edge of my seat.

I have nothing more useful to add, but the word ‘passion’ made me think of this absolute banger… play this in the UK and you’re guaranteed to incite some kind of mindless vandalism :slight_smile:


Still a go-to for my 90s sets.

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