The passion is gone

I just came here to say that since straight brick right out of the box I’ve had nothing but one problem after another and these flagship set up from Denon is the biggest piece of s*** I’ve ever laid hands on and i been doing this approx 25 yrs I had a better time 13 years ago with the DNS 3000 and I am definitely hanging my hat on this statement and Denon has absolutely destroyed my passion for DJ I am selling this pieces of s*** too a friend and going on to Pioneer thanks for making me rather want to kill myself than play with your gear good job denon

Lol !!! I have 2 Denon Dj products, a Prime 4 and a Prime Go, and I’ve never had a problem, and that for almost 4 years for the P4 and 2 years with the Prime Go!

I was pro Pioneer from the end of 1994 to the end of 2015 and thereafter… I tried other products like Rane Sixty Two, MP2015 with my SL1200MK5, Numark NS7II and in 2019 Denon impressed me with their Serie Prime range !

I took advantage of the advantages of being a reseller in a sound, lighting and instrument shop to buy my DJ products! And as for breakdowns, I can tell you that on a certain number of sales, whether brand X or Y, there were no more major problems “and yes even Pioneer Dj have flaws!” :sunglasses: :wink:


I admire you for taking a bite at this Mell, good luck :slight_smile:

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Is that human traffic?


Like most, I think you need to take most of the credit yourself for that Pee

Like a fair amount of technology items which may have been quite a step up from previously owned items, being able to coherently read and understand the instructions may have been a hurdle. Especially true when your profile mentions you’ve not been DJing for 7 years. Tech wise, a lot has changed in that time. I do respect your choice of dropping DJing to be a family man. It’s difficult, although not impossible to co-host both of those life choices.

Thousand upon thousand of prime users worldwide are happy or delighted with their purchases - even today on the forum, I’ve read how amazed and over-satisfied prime owners are.

You’ve mentioned no specific problems with your purchase, except for it being dead out of the box initially. In your few posts since January the only other point of failure mentioned was your Pro-linux / anti-windows pushing attitude

The dead out of box issue is a very rare and unfortunate thing and has nothing to do with design or feature-set and could happen with any product from any manufacturer. That sort of thing is, of course is usually sorted quickly by your dealer.

Best of luck with finding an alternative purchase solution, where you can feel as happy about that purchase as the majority of Prime users/Windows/Mac owners feel about their Primes


Going to mark this topic as ehm “solved” then.

If you’d like to delete your account @DeeJayDeePee, please contact one of staff in a DM to get you sorted.



This makes me sad, not only that you might shell out a bunch of potentially unnecessary extra money that could be spent instead on something else to get your passion back, like vinyl records and prostitutes, but that whatever expertise you have to contribute would be gone from the community. You won’t find this sort of participation on the Pioneer DJ forum. Some of your posts are even harder to read than mine, though.


i would really like to know what happend, that somebody has such a different experience than i do :smiley: would never go to pioneer. With all the functionalities like Soundswitch (number one reason) and a affordable price tag its a super nice product. Love my 3 SC6000 and the Prime go

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Sorry to read this…

That’s very unfortunate… The truth is, anything that has electronics inside of it can have a failure at some point. That’s just the way it goes. This is the same for every manufacturer.

I, on the other hand find my Denon Dj Prime 4 to be superbly built (very high quality). Honestly, its the best controller I’ve ever had. :blush:

You will also be hard pressed to find another company to the likes of Denon Dj that is committed to releasing new product features via firmware updates after that product has been out for several years.

Plus… This community forum is simply one of the best ones out there. Whenever someone asks for help they usually immediately receive it.

I understand your disappointed. I got a new iPad Pro that was bad right out of the box. I was cursing Apple for days but it got replaced and now I have an iPhone as well. Go figure… After being an android user for all of these years. lol

Good luck…



Am I the only person that thought it said peepee?


That would be more appropriate after reading the content of the comments id say :slight_smile:


That’s one of the largest run-on sentences I’ve seen in a while.

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Lol ur a smug one Pasha talking down on me like I don’t know how to read or follow a simple video…not that I need to read materials to understand how to toggle a button on and off neverless a button that im not even turning on 2 begin with. no I don’t have quantize on. Bpm literally moves .1 or more on its on i can press play and just watch it run away touching nothing minus play… Wanna blame me for Ghost toggles & Phantom movements too? You go flapping your gum without even asking me what kind of issue I’m running into. Maybe im a legit mental case, make me laugh b4 u cut me down. Cant search anything . cant create playlists as tracks literally get bounced out of the named container. Beatgrid doesnt work, anchors dont hold just shift past the mark everytime… can’t make quick switch decisions from one layer to another without having to wait 15 sec to toggle pitch control. Color cue settings wont hold. Jog sensitivity didnt return to heavy setting after testing feel( I’ll admit that one might actually be on me)… Yea boss we r talking about basic functionality… Theres no lack of comprehension taking place here oversight perhaps and if thats the case ill admit it to ya @ the appropriate time…im not afraid to reach out to support for questioning even though they dont seem to know their own product… Before win11 compatability was reached, it was the culprit of mixer brick… suppose I can eat the blame on that one but I upgraded the decks first and it took like 37 seconds so I definitely wouldn’t have thought to check on compatibility issues for a flagship mixer… then after 10 minutes of research comes back and says well looks like unfortunately you’re right about that

Laugh all you want now I agree with the electronic products having problems statement but it took me 4 years of beating the s*** out of my channel fader before it knocked out the top two marks on the DJM800 cutting sound completely at 8. Anyhow I spent five grand and I’m not going to eat a re stock fee much i i thought about it. I really just wanted to see what kind of community I’m dealing with here… about what I expected 15 replies and I think two people ask me what’s up and then the rest just talk s*** because thats society 2day. Aprreciate ur ability to pull back. I anticipate having to send the gear back when I take all this to tech support finally

Yeah sorry for that I’m s*** for proofreading I use the voice typing cuz I have extremely nasty arthritis and tendonitis… looks like my 4-year-old makes the post for me

The trouble is, look back through your comments and the general tone of them, that may explain why people are reluctant to help you out/engage. Im not the best person on here to lecture people about how to interact with others but honestly, your comments are just extreme ranting.

Ive had issues with my own Denon gear, needing repair twice, i had to buy a back up unit for gigs whilst it was sorted… the difference is i approached it in a measured manner and took a patient approach to getting it sorted.

I agree, doesnt exactly justify being attacked imo but i do agree w/you… Not to excuse my frustrations but its been 2 months so i felt like i was taking the proper time to learn the features and test and retest and confirm. Like when it comes to the gridding, i can almost swear the anchors do their job and im just like ■■■ have i smoked myself into oblivion? Then they dont work again…

My views as well, if you’d care…

This forum has a lot of helpful members, but they will go into “another” mode when new members only comment in the likes of “s*** doesn’t f****** work” and “sell and go back to”.

While a simple “does anyone know what’s happening in the video I made on the problem” would be a lot better.

Anyways, you stated that it is the end of DenonDJ for you personally, but I see you removed the active “solved” button. So it’s up to you really.