The New Buzz Words “Library management”

Engine software is only library management is the scape-goat for the issues that continue to plague this software. The updates to the software are welcomed, like update 4.0 it added some nice features but also created more issues.

The waveform stuttering that’s been an issue for years is now are worse to the point that it’s freezing on both software and hardware side of things.

Loops that were setup on active about 1/3 are just regular loops.

The library management (the only thing this software is supposed to do) is getting worse at mixing up the different categories like 70’s, 80’s, Rock, Country. It could be 20 tracks or 400 tracks.

I’m not craping on this software I truly want it to work. when it does work it can be fun to use. I like it better than Traktor for some things.

Something makes the Loops, Cue Points, Waveforms, Performance Pades, Effects work and with it not being Engine Software I would like to know what does makes everything work so I may be able to direct the issues I experience to the correct people.

Lastly if the developers don’t know what makes the performance side of things work how can anyone expect issues to get resolved.

The stuttering of the waveform which occurred every 20 seconds has been corrected for me with the new 4.0 update and everything now seems smoother on sc6000M.

I haven’t really encountered any problems with active loops because I don’t use them constantly.

Please note that version 4.0 has been the subject of more than ten test versions and that many testers have participated.

Since you seem to have a knack for discovering bugs, why don’t you apply to join the beta team and help improve future updates?


I think he mostly means in EngineDJ on this subject. EngineOS stutter is also gone at my end.


With reference to the most intriguing topic title, what is the new buzzword? Or was that just click bait?


My vote is clickbait.


I clicked, wasted 5 minutes of my life and didn’t learn a buzz word.


Stellar advice here Gaian, a lot of the serial complainants would be better focusing their energy on actually helping InMusic out as opposed to just complaining. My guess, there isn’t much motivation to actually help.


The buzzword is actually two words “Library Management” it seems to be the catch all for any issues with the Engine software, hardware lately. With it being library management, the Engine software can’t be the problem.

How many topics have come up about issues with Engine and the excuse is, well Engine only does the library.

InMusic would never let me be part of reporting bugs, the company blacklisted me. I’ve already explained what happened.

And you guessed correctly I’m only here to complain! And this is the problem with this form. If you bring up any issue than you’re the problem. I’m so unmotivated to report the issue I’ve had over and over. Then to see so many others with the same problems. My understanding was the engineers would look in here to discover what the customers are having problems with.

Attacking the people for reporting problems and saying they are just complaining and not motivated to help is just stupid!

Did you actually read what is said, I like using this software, when it works it’s fun to use. It has a lot of potential. It is more than 10 years behind the other software out there and has come a long way in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been using it.

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Given what is generally allowed to pass on this forum, and the relaxed nature of moderation, what exactly can you have done to be ‘blacklisted’ as you put it?

You need to articulate your issues much more clearly because ive read your OP and i can’t actually work out what your problem is, there are non-native English speakers on here using translation tools who are far more clear in their reports.

Do you think none of us are also reporting bugs or issues? Raising feature requests etc? Perhaps the difference is the manner in which we complain, or explain our issues that set us apart from your own style.

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Changed the title. :relieved:


My take on the content of the first post:

  • Waveform stuttering. The “issue” that has been covered here many times, as cosmetic only, meaning that it does not affect performance (on the hardware). On the desktop, well it’s not being used for performance anyway (see buzz words).

  • Active loops not working as active loops. Not something I use, so can’t confirm/deny.

  • Mixing up different categories is getting worse. Not sure I understand this one. Genres are getting mixed up? Where? How? Examples please.

Some videos, screen shots or other examples would definitely be helpful. Details of exact workflow etc.

There’s a few folks on this forum (on this thread even) that employ this strategy, and quite frankly, it’s annoying and unhelpful.

This time could have rather been spent asking for clarification. It seems like some folks would rather be snarkey and nitpick the title than actually help out.

Thanks to those who actually took the time to try to be helpful.


How would one go about joining the beta team ?


Hey @Richard_Nutman, see this post!


You label me a “serial complainer” " not much motivation to actually help"

I consider this an attack; you’re not trying to find out more information about what’s going on. You just start getting personal.

As for everyone that can’t understand categories, 70’s, 80’s

I have a crate, category, section that only has music from 1970 through 1979 I understand this may be hard to understand please patent.

I have a 2nd crate, category, section with music from 1980 through 1989

I have done this for each decade from 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, 2020

Each crate, category, section only contains music from that decade. They are not linked together.

I open the Engine software on my computer and find that 40 tracks from the 1970’s are now mixed into the 1980’s, or it may be 427 tracks from the decade 2010 mixed with 1990 and 1950. I fix this problem by removing the tracks that do not belong in each section,

I shut the computer down (turn it off) to remove the drive that the music is stored on, I plug it into the Prime 4 and power it on. After the library loads and opens so I can select the music I find that 83 tracks from the 1990’s are mixed with the 1950’s and 2020’s.

This can happen for three days in a row than not happen for two weeks. I use two drives (One was new and has never been used for anything but this software) This happens with both drives.

So it sounds like your drive is causing tracks that you previously removed to be added back to playlists in your collection.

You’re referring to ‘crates’ which is an old way of working with Engine DJ. The newer DB versions from 2.0 onwards are based around playlists.

My advice would be to start again with clean data and a formatted drive. Use the new smart lists feature to get the tracks from the years you want in each playlist, then once you are satisfied, export your whole collection back to a freshly formatted drive.

I dare say this will also solve your loops issue too. As it sounds like they are being overwritten somehow.


My library management perhaps isn’t really the right way, but is similar to yours.

My collection contains the same 1970s, 1980s, 1990 etc. music folders with matching playlists. But, I have that collection ON the internal ssd drive of my player. I take backups of that entire drive, if I’m going to make changes. It might be the best way for you as well.

And this is what’s wrong with this site, you want people to get involved and when they do instead of trying to work with them you call them “Karen”

I just a simple person that can’t write very well what does “Karen” mean? or Whine, whine, whine?

I’ve got an idea and it’s just more of personal attacks.

I appreciate the help that was suggest

But you win or is it whine I’ve tried to work with this group and participate but it’s pretty much impossible. I’m done!