Tap BPM - is it possible?

I can tap BPM in engine prime but can’t find it on the prime 4, I’ve had a quick search but couldn’t find much other than some s series topics

Can we tap BPM on the prime 4? Short of the naff beat grids it’s a surprisingly controller I’m finding :frowning:

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No, there is no tap on the prime 4.

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That’s a real shame, I wonder why it’s in the prime software (that you can’t use attached to the prime4) but it isn’t on the actual hardware? :confused:

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Because it’s not needed???

So it’s in the software because it’s not needed. Not sure I follow the logic

If you don’t need it then sure, but I’d love to hear what has replaced it?

The prime4 isn’t famous for excellence in the BPM prediction arena

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Yes, that’s true. Bpm detection is not perfect. But it will improve soon. Anyway there are better ways than tap to adjust bpm and the grid - also still need implementation.

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Genuinely not being a pedant but can you help me by telling me how? Haha

I honestly find tapping out the BPM ridiculously helpful as a measure

Just by using the jog wheel to align the beat grid with the beat. Simple, more accurate and fast.

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Which would work if it was a standard 4/4 and anywhere near but if it’s totally off in terms of read say 160 instead of 90 I can’t see how that would work?

Shift + Jog wheel turn to squeeze or stretch the beat grid. That is very intuitive and fast. Just observe like the beat grid is adjusting by that to the beat, when it looks OK, just click DONE and You’re ready.


It would be awesome if they would make this possible :star_struck:


Will try that tomorrow, thank you :slight_smile:

You cant do this yet… As NoiseRiser says: it still need implementations… But its one of the features that has been requested.

So far we have to settle with the BPM on the units, where we can move the beatgrid left / right or half/ double the BPM.

If you want to create a new BPM value, you need to do this manually in Engine Prime.

For now… But Denon has said that stuff regarding the BPM algorithm is right around the corner :slightly_smiling_face:


This is my idea on how bpm adjust and beatgrid would be done in most intuitive way. When we enter the beatgrid edit mode, with jog wheel You can move the beatgrid, so just by holding shift, jog wheel should adjust the grids spacing (altering the bpm). This way is tested by me on Traktor sc5000 mapping, and it proved to be very fast and intuitive. Way more fast and accurate than tapping.


And the same way it works on Serato or VDJ with the MCX8000 - So yes it would be the most natural way implement this :+1:

Also an idea for implementing BPM change: If you are in edit grid mode, you can change the BPM value by pressing pitch bend +/- for full BPM counts … eg: 78 to 79, or 79 to 78 … and with shift pressed, pitchbend can change it decimals … 78.1 to 78.2 or 78.2 to 78.1

And than also implemented Noiseriders idea and we cover the whole range of editing the grid.

Please Denon … make that happen

My idea covers also the decimals. No need for extra buttons. Fast jog turn for coarse, slow for fine adjust. This can be implemented in to jog wheel with dynamic increments.

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I prefer this as it almost familiar on other units and dj software.

Here is another example of how its implemented on the DDJ1000/SRT

That could work for the non motorized primes (as it is) (side for finer adj, top platter for coarse), but i think pioneer just made a simple thing complex.

Fast Rotation for coarse, Slower jogwheel for finer adjustment.



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The ability to directly type in the bpm would also be hugely beneficial (also probably the easiest to implement). Then we have all the bpm edit options anyone could ask for!!


A numeric on screen keyboard that would pop up when bpm is pressed during grid adjust mode - good idea :slight_smile:

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