✍️ Take A Quick Denon DJ Survey?

Hey all,

Do you have a few minutes to spare? If so, we’d love to get some feedback from you on our latest survey which should take around 5 minutes.

Thank you in advance!


What do we win? :medal_sports:

A new DVS sound card hopefully.

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Who cares about the LC6000. Can you guys put some actual effort into updating Engine DJ? We’ve had dozens of feature requests for 4+ years now. How many more times do we need to beta test your software and equipment for you and hand feed you this information?


Did you at least fill out the survey?

Filled out. But it didnt ask for my address to send me a pair… i shall dm Jay with those details.

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It is about the lc6000. It’s a rabbit hole survey, you answer one Q and a next one pops up.

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Its all about the lc6000 and how likely i am to buy one…

It didnt like my answer of Because i can look big and hard with it and it will give me a bigger erection so pioneer boys will be jealous

A horrible thought popped into head while laying in bath…

Is this an indication thst denon are “testing the water” so they can discontinue with the prime 2 and prime 4, because they know there are issues with them but are deciding to chop it and concentrate on the sc6000s… I HOPE NOT.

Maybe someone from denon staff can jump in and put their name to a statement declaring as such.

“horrible thought popped into head while laying in bath”

Touché after reading that.

I can’t see them dropping the standalone players, they are hugely popular and let’s be honest, most of the ‘issues’ are complete non events.

From a working DJ of over 20yrs, I can say with conviction that the Prime 2 has been the absolute best unit I’ve ever used for playing gigs. I’m a 1210 man at heart and use CDJs at my usual spots but this thing is an absolute monster. Did 4hrs with it on sat night at a brewery and loved it, makes the job so much easier with setup and just general finding tunes etc.

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Totally agree stu. Just one one those silly thoughts you get when asked to fill out a survey like that about one particular product having lashed out 2k on prime4s LOL.

No controller will ever be “perfect” there is always a “could this be added” niggle. I find on the whole that the prime4 is a total.monster to use. Yes it does take some “learning” but not difficult like coming from scratch live to serato

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It’s an amazing time to be a DJ really, loads of my mates who sold their decks years ago bought DDJ-400s for next to nothing and are all mixing now. It’s fantastic.


Certainly better now than when we used to have these to worry about

Slow laptops, dodgy leads, crap low quality mp3’s etc etc

Haha amazing, is that an SL1?

Still more reliable than those woeful CDJ-800s that all the bars used to have with their dodgy platters.

It is an sl1 yes… and yes i wont take a pic but i jave a pair of those shitty 800s with there 360 notch platters just count the clicks back to scratch lmao…

Now if denon would add dvs to the prime 4. Maybe i could plug my shitty 800s in to control decks 3 & 4. Then i could look REALLLY good having denon AND pioneer all on the same desk working together. (Well the denons would work the 800s would just ratchet round as oer usual)

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Well it is if you have an old set of cdjs laying round… just need dvs thats all

The lc6000 is a niche but needed controller for the market. I cost too much for someone to buy to start out but for an add-on they’re good. Also having one can extend the life of the standalone decks. Too bad no support from Native Instruments as that would have been a good product for Traktor users.

It would be great to be able to hook one up to Engine dj for prep work.


Being able to hook up in engine would be nice yes. Stiil expensive mouse though really.

A 500 quid media player is what we need, compact and less featured than the 5000.

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Just need the jogwheel. pitch control. play, cue, and hot cue buttons. 200 quid job done. Give hookup to engine bonus… They would sell a shedload.

Or just give us dvs. Most of us probably have old cdjs as doorstops or cupboard fillers