Sync Manager doesn't export my playlists - Version 3.1.0

Since ver. 3.1.0 neither sync manager nor drag and drop playlists to my SD card is working properly.

In Sync Manager, I select the playlists I want to export and after the process is finished, those playlists aren’t exported.

Drag and drop the playlists is no solution either.

Please, I need a bug fix because the weekend is close.


I’m in the same situation, but it comes from 2 versions ago and the other thing is that if I load a folder of 20 songs I only load 6 or more or less songs never full load and I have to repeat the load up to 10 times or more, I have a little peace of mind that I have no problems with the integration with Dropbox but there are places where I have no internet…


Estoy en la misma situación, pero ya me viene de hace 2 versiones atrás y lo otro es que si cargo una carpeta de 20 canciones solo carga 6 o mas o menos canciones nunca las carga completa y tengo que repetir la carga hasta 10 veces o mas, tengo tranquilidad de que no tengo problemas con la integración con Dropbox pero hay lugares donde no tengo internet…

Another bug I have is that it does not let me delete or does not delete, I would like to send several videos so that they can evaluate the error but it does not let me create a new topic.

I also don’t understand why engine dj creates 2 “Engine Library” folders, one located in music and the other in the disk where the files are located, many times I have to delete the database files like .db and .db-journal to be able to continue working correctly with Engine dj.


Otro bug que tengo es que no me deja borrar o no borra, me gustaría enviar varios videos para que puedan valorar el error pero no me deja crear un nuevo mensaje.

Tampoco comprendo porque Engine dj crea 2 carpetas “Engine Library” una localizada en música y otra en el disco donde se encuentran los archivos, muchas veces tengo que borrar los archivos de database como los .db y los .db-journal para poder continuar trabajando correctamente con Engine dj

I’m having the same issue, I just downgraded to 3.0.1 and it’s doing the same thing there.

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I’ve found a way around the problem, but it is costly in terms of time.

I’ve formated the SD Card and then exported all my collection through Sync Manager.

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Yah I did that and it just exports the collection, but not the playlists for me, super frustrating. Sync manager is always really buggy for me. I have to reformat my hard drive every month

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A possible solution that I found at the time is to create the folders in serato and then from inside engine, copy the folders from serato to engine…

The only bad thing about that is that if you have to refresh a folder, everything has to be done manually and pray that it works.


Una posible solucion que encontre en su momento es crear las carpetas en serato y luego desde dentro de engine, copiar las carpetas de serato a engine…

Lo único malo de eso es que si tienes que refrescar una carpeta, todo tienes que hacerlo de forma manual y rezar para que funcione

Tonight I work and work at 30% of the music I have, I have to rely on tidal because I can’t and don’t want to have subscriptions on all platforms.


Esta noche trabajo y trabajo al 30% de la música que tengo, tengo que depender de tidal porque no puedo ni quiero tener suscripciones en todas las plataformas.

The best thing is to use the Sync manager, then, if you can, format USB first, and if it still works badly, overwrite the Engine folder of the database (copy the original to the USB) I had no problems like that

We know that the manager sync works fine, the problem at least in my case is that if I have 10 songs in a folder and I import it to engine dj, engine dj only imports 4 or different amount, if I don’t pay attention to that I am losing effectiveness as a dj.

I have been testing several versions of engine dj and the one that is giving me good results but not very optimal, is version 2.3.1.

I have to import the same camperta up to 5 times to import the total and then synchronize with the hard drive that does not fail.


Sabemos que el manager sync funciona bien, el problema por lo menos en mi radica en que si de una carpeta tengo 10 canciones y la importo a engine dj , engine dj solo importa 4 u diferente cantidad, si no me fijo en eso ya estoy perdiendo efectividad como dj.

He estado probando varias versiones de engine dj y la que me esta dando resultados bueno pero no muy optimo, es la version 2.3.1.

Tengo que importar la misma carpeta hasta 5 veces para que importe el total ya luego sincronizar con el disco duro eso no falla.

With 3.1 I have deleted the internal HDD of my prime 4 and I have synchronized again, and then I have copied the Engine folder, in the prime 4, like this, it has not given me any problems, in case you want to try it

My workaround is to stop engine DJ and start it again. Run Sync manager and export to usb. It works. If you want to export to your playlists to another stick, quit engine DJ and start it again. Sync to usb and it works again … bad but a good workaround…

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This could be the solution for most people experiencing this.

Hopefully the devs have seen this.

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I had this sync issue in the past and solved it, out of the blue it’s happened again. This is an on going problem the dev’s need to sort this out. For professional it’s terrible.

Totally failed for me, the dev’s should resolve this issue as it has been on going for a long time. I did interact with them last time it happened and in truth they were no help at all. I can’t be the only person that is dealing with this rubbish.

I did this also formatted a new USB Engine still only exports tracks and does not export playlists.

try publishing a video, if you export your lists using the Sync manager, you should see all your lists in prime. Maybe you are skipping a step, so a video would help understand your problem.

I am making a video of all my steps to resolve the problems i’m having. I’ll post it soon.


Thanks dude, I’ve been in contact today with someone @denonDJ about the exact same issue. He walked me through a few steps after i explained what was happening to him and he took a look at this community topic and said he’ll have to do some reaearch and get back to me tomorrow.

Please keep posting as much info as possible here and keep the discussion going so we can make sure to get this fixed.

I’ll update tomorrow once i receive an update from denon.

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I was asked to make a video about my problem below is the link

Last year it happened before a gig I assumed wrongly a mistake had been made. I spoke to someone at Denon and we exchanged a lot of emails, they wanted a lot of info which I provided, with no answers coming back on how to fix the issue. In the end I managed to get my systems working using a machine which never had Engine on it. I manually copied library/folder & files from the thumb drive which worked and got me up and running again but I lost a lot of playlists.

I DJ and teach mixology for a living so I am not new to using DJ software. The main part of my job is computer repairs & advice for DJs so I know a thing and how to problem solve. Fingers crossed the Dev’s find a solution but i’m not holding my breath.

I will try that solution tomorrow and post a video of the results. As an essential and basic part of any DJ software this problem really should not be happening now. I hope the dev’s read these posts. I found before that my ticket was raised about the same problem and quickly closed with no real resolution. Fingers crossed they fix this instead of adding more features they need to get the basics right

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