After updating firmware 3.1.0 sync manager it doesn't sync anything

I believe It’s being looked after. Probably your collection is stored on a d: or e: drive. If you like the new smart lists and want to use it, you can format your usb sticks/external ssd and do a fresh export. Fresh exports works, re-syncs don’t on some db’s :+1:

i didn’t understand anything…i have always worked well with internal ssd from 4 years to now,it always worked …why now i have to reformat everything? I do not understand what I have to do! explain me well, because it seems absurd to me that denon does not tell its customers this! to format all ssd drives, and make new playlists?? crazy things! and how should they be done? I do not understand! I just added new songs to existing playlists, or created new playlists. as I have been doing for 4 years, and with the new firmware, when I go to synchronize, it doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t see any new changes to its internal archive !! this is impossible!! you don’t have to tell your customers what to do, a total change of music input seems absurd to me!! I do not know what I have to do! can you give step by step help on how to do these things, without damaging the P4’s internal archive? Thank you

It’s a 3.1 bug affecting only a few collections. It’s not a widespread error. You don’t have to format it, just use 3.0.1 until a correction is available (soon I believe).

If you REALLY want to use 3.1 format your external media (NOT your computer collection) and reexport from zero. It will export correctly.

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let’s see if I understood correctly… I have an external ssd that I use as an emergency… I have to format this, and on this make the sync manager, with version 3.1.0, and everything I add again will be transferred, which I didn’t before did , with internal ssd ? is it just a problem to put an external ssd and do the sync on it?

The same situation. At the same time, the flash drive inserted into the computer is synchronized without problems, as well as the SSD that I pulled out of the controller and connected to the computer. After returning the disk or flash drive to the controller, all playlists are visible and playable. You need to correct the situation, otherwise you will have to take the disk out of the controller for each new mix and return it back after synchronization. This is wrong, and a very big problem for actively working DJs.

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I already wrote in the title that “I use the sync manager” !! but it doesn’t synchronize any new additions of palylists or mp3 songs into already existing playlists !! therefore being a software bug as also confirmed above by “rccatelli” I prefer to wait for them to bring new changes shortly, releasing a new firmware, as they always do, which corrects this harmful bug!! because honestly, since I work in clubs, I don’t trust , in these “beta bus” conditions to work with external ssds, and instead I prefer to wait for a new stable and tested firmware from Denon , which puts an end to this harmful problem!!

maybe I have not explained myself correctly, I have deleted the internal HDD of my prime 4 and I have synchronized again, and then I have copied the Engine folder, in the prime 4, I am not saying that it is not an error, but at least like that, no it has given me problems

I didn’t understand well…when you format the internal ssd in exfat, and then as you say, I run the sync manager, it copies everything inside again, then also copies the same engine folder? otherwise, where am I going to get it, then this engine folder what do you say? where do i find it? under which directory of my pc?? in my case this is what I see in c:music/engine library? inside the music folder of the C: partition of my ssd Pc laptop? do I have to take the whole “engine library” folder and copy it into the P4’s internal SSD? and then, inside the P4 where do I copy this folder?

correct, it has worked perfectly for me, doing it like this

sincerely reflecting these days, I expect Denon to intervene immediately in this problem, releasing a new firmware that solves this serious error well, because it seems to me so absurd that a customer should put his hand on his software, and on the library, (a delicate operation and risky among other things) performing each time the format to your SSD or pen drive supports, because this is not at all the right way, to solve the problems, which instead the Denon software designers have to solve, that these tests, they have to do them, before releasing such an important and revolutionary firmware as this last one!! otherwise here is what damage occurs!!

hello. today I tried to do your tests. I formatted the internal SSD as exfat, then, I saved the 2 folders "engine library and engine library backup (for my safety) after, I ran the sync (always with the latest firmware both on pc than on P4 ), but nothing! now again the P4 only sees the complete general playlist, it no longer sees all the playlists that I have instead on engine os (in the pc) !! (I tried then it also has to overwrite the 2 previously saved folders, as you advised me but nothing!! the problem persists!! so as you can see it’s a tragic software problem and BIG DENON BUG!! now I have to waste time again installing the previous firmware again!! BIG DISAPPOINTMENT DENON!! these updates yes I have to try well before… launching a big firmware like this!! now let’s hope I haven’t lost my whole music library!!

I CONFIRM THAT WITH THE PREVIOUS FIRMWARE THE P4 WORKS PERFECTLY AGAIN!! for other users like me who are having the same problems. be careful do not change or format the ssd or anything else, because you are only wasting time, as I did now, that for the second time, I had to go back to the previous firmware to do again make everything work like before this new 3.1.0 HARMFUL UPDATE!!. and luckily I didn’t lose any data!!!

WOW too late for me I formated 2 times before even comming to this site. Ihave now over 16,000 track all in one folder in the internal SSD … So let me be clear, I can go back to the previous firmware on PC and the P4?

YES, YES!! DON’T FOLLOW WRONG ADVICE!! RESUME THE PREVIOUS FIRMWARE!! you will see that your fear will pass and your denon will work again!! as written in my post above …THIS OF FORMATTING SSD AND PEN DRIVE is not the right technical way ok?? no electronic designer or denon would ever ask you to do such nonsense!! I trusted unfortunately!! never again!! YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR DENON DESIGNERS TO MAKE A NEW UPGRADE of the new firmware IMMEDIATELY even for those like us who don’t work with the new 3.1.0 version!! because it is already known in these forums that for many of us, this new version doesn’t work!! so DENON KNOWS WELL!! SO DO SOMETHING NOW!! we also have the right to work with new features like everyone else!! I’m a professional, I work there every night, and I can’t buy the new P4+ to make it convenient for DENON which sells even more!! do they know that they have created problems?? they could then wait to do more tests, and not launch a beta!! because in my opinion it’s a beta for the old P4s, since it’s causing these serious problems!!

You do realise that mindless ranting doesn’t actually achieve anything don’t you?


WHO ARE YOU ? a denon software engineer?? no!! so … with you I don’t even waste time!! and don’t offend ok? brainless go tell your mother!! please the moderators to intervene!!

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There is only one reason the mods will intervene here, and it definitely isn’t down to anything ive said.

Hey guys going back to then issue. I downgraded the firmware on both PC and P4. Im trying to load some music and is still doing the same thing. what am I doing wrong?

You’re saying no playlists are visible that used to be visible? Is everything set up correctly on the desktop app?

I can only suggest formatting the SSD and re-exporting the collection as it looks to be a DB issue on the device itself.