Sync Manager - Can it be?

Can it actually be that when syncing to an existing external drive with a database and music already on it, it doesn’t actually sync but just copies the info again and not just update what’s changed? Can it be???

On what evidence do you say all this? What problem do you get?

Personally I see that if I update some TAG in the main collection, then when I launch the SYNC MANAGER I also get the update of the tags on the remote collection file. The same happens if I correct some fields of the Engine database that don’t exist in the TAG of the MP3 file (for example I change the rating), then when I run the sync manager I also get the rating update in the remote unit. I have even seen that if I make changes to the MP3 file in the main collection going for example to emphasize the low frequencies and then I overwrite the modified MP3 file, I get that using the sync manager I will also have the update of the copy on the remote unit.


All you spoke about was editing not involving adding new music. I’m sure you’ve done that. Specifically, adding new music to the library, adding those titles to a few playlists, then going to sync manager to update my drive. The sync manager alerts me that he the drive can accept the sync because there isn’t enough room 350GB left on a 1TB drive. My library is 550 GB. Conclusion, the software is trying to copying everything. So I just selected the playlists I updated and saw that for adding 5 tracks the amount of space it was looking for was ALL the music on in that playlist. Either I’m doing something wrong (please correct me) or this is the way it is. If it is this way I would be shocked. I hope I am wrong.

Obviously in all these years of using Engine DJ I have also added new tracks to the collection, and I have always used Sync Manager.

Honestly, I didn’t understand: does the drive accept or NOT accept the amount of data? If there is not enough space it should not accept the new data.

So Engine DJ tries to copy the data even if it doesn’t fit on the drive? Is that what you mean?

To do that I should understand well what is the problem you get. Or it would be better to wait if some other friend has understood better than me what you would like to achieve. :smiley:

Im at a loss here too, my remaining space on my drive is far less than the size of my collection and I never get that message. It only adds new music.

I’ll try to explain it better.

1TB drive

Library is 550GB

So 450 GB presumably is free.

I added a handful of new tracks

They’re are in several playlists.

I chose just to sync the whole thing without being specific thinking it would add just what just changed

I got the alert saying there’s not enough room on the drive.

Then I just selected the playlists that need updating.

As Im checking them off it was using huge amounts of disk space.

Hence my assumption it is trying to copy everything over again and not syncing.

Perhaps it’s as simple as a setting that I’m using that I shouldn’t be. Just looking for some help.

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Are these related? Sounds like a very similar problem

Yes, look like it, I raised that other ticket. By any chance @TMusto are you using Lexicon? THe reason I ask is I think I’ve narrowed down the issue on my side to doing a sync from Lexicon to USB. After doing this I get this observed behaviour in Engine. Lexicon is a central library management tool for syncing between different DJ software. Normally you sync the whole library between Lexicon and the PC, but there is an option to sync direct to USB and this seems to result in the odd behaviour

Hey Miles, Thanks for the post. I’n fact I do use Lexicon. When doing a sync from Lexicon to Engine it does ask for a target drive. I think you bring up a good point. The target drive should be the “EngineDJ Desktop” where the app resides. I may have used an external drive (that I synced the whole library to at one point) being a newby using Lexicon. When I get home I am going experiment with that. Some others have posted this issue without using Lexicon too. We’ll see.

I’ve raised this in the Lexicon forum, but it doesnt look like a priority for Christian

Lexicon is good and a great idea, but it definitely has some quirks I’m having to navigate around