Main collection showing tracks from both PC and USB resulting in double entries

It used to be the case that the main collection would just show the playlists and tracks in the database on your PC. whats now happening is it is showing both the PC and the attached USB resulting in double entries.

I can eject the USB to see only the PC files. But, if I do a sync within EDJ (sync manager) it ends up duplicating the files again. I can observe this by selecting all the playlists in EDJ sync manager and watching the available space drop by nearly the size of my collection which is already on the USB…it shouldn’t be copying anything.

Related, as part of testing this I created a playlist with a couple of tracks in it and synced just that playlist. I was expecting EDJ to delete all the files on the USB except the handful in this playlist (many gigs), but it didnt. The USB still has the same number of tracks in the music folder and hasnt reclaimed any space. If i browse the USB from EDJ it does indeed only show the 1 synced play list, but clearly it hasnt deleted the files themselves

Is this expected behaviour?

Not wanting to create an endless thread loop (but I have). It looks like you are not the only one.

Afraid I don’t have an answer to this, as I can’t replicate it myself with any of my USB’s.

good spot, yes I think they are related and I’ve updated the other ticket.

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