Sweep effects “STAYING ON”

Anyone having an issue with the sweep effects staying active when you return the sweep dial/nob to centre/12 0’clock position?

And another, Just wondering if you use it on one channel does it or is it supposed to effect all channels?

There’s a deadzone issue, apparently, particularly with the left side being slightly too small.

No; should only affect the channel for which the knob is being turned for.

Hi @Jayos, can I confirm which firmware version you are on please?

I can confirm it happens on the latest X1800 firmware as well as the previous version. It’s a lack of deadzone particularly on the left side of 12 o’clock’s deadzone on the sweep effects.

Latest firmware Jay. Only updated last week

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I have the same issue. Experienced it with both the previous and current firmware.

I’m adding to this because I’m experiencing an issue when more than one Sweep FX is active. I was wondering if you were having the same issue. It happened frequently in the previous firmware but now it occurs less frequently in the current firmware. I haven’t narrowed it down to what exactly causes this behavior because I’m still testing if I can recreate this peculiar behavior. I’m including a photo to explain better.

I see your two and raise you one :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got three staying on after a few minutes of pressing wash out and using the effect knob.

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Try moving the filter and sweep effects knobs through their full range of motion when you first turn the unit on. This seems to calibrate them to a proper center. This shouldn’t be necessary, but resolves this issue on mine for now.

If you to press the four buttons of difference sweep effects do the effects action come on and come off or he still stay on ?

Hello there. I have just swapped out to a new x1800 and only on channel 3 when I engage the sweep effect knob clock wise and then back to center the effect is staying on. Is there a way to calibrate the knobs for the correct deadzone or is my mixer faulty. Everything else works great so I don’t really want to return it if I don’t need to.

See my prior post.

Do you mean when the mixer is booting up of afterwards? I will try this later after work and see. Thanks.

done booting

I have just tried that and no luck unfortunately.

On both my X1800s, this is usually enough to mitigate the issue temporarilly. Please post a video in the linked thread so InMusic can see what’s going on, including which directions of rotation, so they have the proper info to change the deadzones enough…


Here is my video showing my problem.

Sorry, the linked thread. That’s the feature request for the deadzones to be changed. Your case appears to be the most extreme example of the issue that’s come up.

Video isn’t uploading. Trying to figure that out.

If it’s too big, you can always post it to Youtube unlisted and link it in that thread. Sometimes links require you to edit the post.