Suddenly black screen

It’s a tragedy when in the middle of a gig my p4 screen goes black. It has already happened before and it’ s always related to consolle vibrations. Anyway this makes this machine beautiful but completely unreliable. Never had the same issues before. I’m really disappointed

This is the first instance of that particular issue I’ve seen posted here, probably a hardware issue. Your next step should be to contact your dealer or Denon support for a repair or replacement unit - you should still be well within warranty so it should get fixed.

Hello, Can you give us details on this issue? You say it happened once more, how it was recovered? With restart? Also you mention that may happen from vibrations, from subs or vibrations because you move it transfer it?

That’s a nasty problem because obviously you can’t see to operate in standalone mode - but also it prevents you from switching to computer mode, as when you press the power button, you won’t see or be able to press the on-screen prompt.

If it’s not possible already via certain button combinations, I’d suggest that Denon should add the ability to switch modes without needing to see the screen.


Great idea in case of screen failure. Maybe a button combination could do the switch to USB mode. I am always thinking after purchase that it’s a great device but standalone and maybe in future parties weddings etc I should have a laptop together just in case or a prime go if I can afford a second controller😊. I believe that Denon makes very good devices but they are devices and everything can happen in electronics world.

The first time it happened I had 2 big subwoofers right in the djbooth and maybe magnetic field or vibrations caused the screen to fade to black. I had to unplug the power cable plug it back in and turn on the P4 and the screen worked again. Yesterday night while playing suddenly black screen again I only noticed a friend of mine tapping on the table close to the P4 causing a vibration. Now the screen works again.

Vibrations are bad, mostly with computer devices

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I really wouldn’t imagine vibrations to be an issue with a device that has (apart from a small fan) no moving parts inside. It doesn’t seem to be a loose connection if the screen comes back to life that way.

Strange… :man_shrugging:

Yes curious… back to Denon factory ?

You didn’t mention that key piece of information in the opening sensationalism.

I think the “friend tapping fingers” is irrelevant, unlike the bass cabs in the booth. If you’re regularly playing in places, take a leaf out of the old legacy vinyl DJs and work out what vibration isolation works best for your gear. Some of the old vinyl anti-vibration solutions were stunningly inventive … Several sheets of bubble wrap, patio slabs, even slices of bread, all make great dampers.

Having seen the internals of this thing, there aren’t that many separate PCBs. Each third of the unit (deck/mixer/deck) has its own massive PCB below it, with everything directly mounted to it.

The types of cables and connectors used either lock into place or are a tight push fit, unlikely to come loose from a few vibrations.

Only takes one to come loose

Already contacted the support once never had any reply. Not good at all

Best bet is to phone them, they seem to be a bit slow via email.

for slow I mean six months. :scream:

It’s all sounding a bit odd

Then phone them as I’ve already mentioned. If you are on the phone to them then you are a bigger pain in the ass to them so they are more likely to deal with you quicker, emails can be forgotten easily - not necessarily on purpose, people sometimes just get sidetracked by a more pressing issue and forget.

Must be because they’re all working so hard on fixing bugs and getting new products into stores…


Another way to get attention is to ping a staff member :slight_smile:

@JWiLL Any chance you or another staff member can respond/take over here?

I ve been a strong promoter of P4 to other djs but now I feel betrayed and with a lot of gigs scheduled I don’t know how to work. It’s really bad