Streaming software that allows you to stream 4 channels

Dear colleagues,

As all of you, I am also trying to get a good stream up on the net (Facebook Live/Twitch) I used to use OBS, but this lets me only stream 2 channels. I am not a 4 deck mixing wizzard, but I often use a third channel for vocals and such.

Do you happen to know of any video streming software that DOES let you stream all 4 channels of the X1800 using the built in soundcard?

Kind regards, Niels

Forgive me, I don’t understand. Isn’t streaming the master output sufficient then? That’s the sum of all channels.


Why not mix it on Your X1800 and stream as stereo out (Master mix)???

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I seem to have the same problem a a colleague in this topic:

"# How to stream on OBS audio connection

Sorry for my ignorance (I am not really experienced in usb interfaces, used to mix on an analog mixer with turntables (no dvs).

I read in this forum that other users teem to have problems using OBS as well, so you might know a workaround for this? (also apologies if the subject has already been discusses but I can not find it).

Thansk for your expert advice, all :wink:

The trick here is, that You need to set in the mixer menu, the master out to channels 1 & 2. OBS sees only these 2 channels some how. Then set the mixers 1 channel to DVS setting on input selector.


I will try this out next Monday and get back to you. Appreciate your prompt response a lot :slightly_smiling_face: and wish you the very best!

Just for clarification: does this mean I will not be able to use channel 1 on the mixer for my dj mix?

Correct, channel 1 will be used for usb record out. Not as for internal mixing.

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Probably yes. OBS is Open Source and free, but you need to workaround its limitations.


Do you happen to know any non-free software versions that does not have this limitation?

Saw a great workaround for audio routing on the Mac, which I’ve tried and it works. Install soundflower, route audio out to it (2Ch), open Quicktime on audio recording, set sound to about half way and then choose that as the audio source. Bingo, bizarrely it works!

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Like @yeltsin and @NoiseRiser say. You need to make use of an audio routing solution and you’ll be good to go.

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Any idea where this workaround explanation can be found?

Are you in Mac or Windows?

Google it, but why? I’ve just given it to you. Promise you, it works, I’ve used it yesterday myself. Key bit is the QuickTime and volume on that, and don’t forget to set output volume on the Mac to soundflowed 2ch.

You need two audio channels selected in OBS - one for channels 1-2 and the other for 9/10 I think - this will allow both channels to come through - you need to connect the cable from the top usb outlet in x1800 and the other end into the laptop. I done this and it works perfectly. If you wanna do all four channels then create four audio sources in obs.

Wait whut? So you can select 9+10 in OBS?

Windows :slight_smile:

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@nbraeckm, look here. Use the fork of OBS, StreamlabsOBS: