How to stream on OBS audio connection

Hi All Hope your well. As many of us are stuck indoors and are twitching to DJ. I explored OBS studio and Twitch. However I have run into an issue and was hoping that someone might now how to fix it- I am using SC5000 and X1800 Question - i have connected my X1800 to my laptop and in OBS when selecting the audio input it gives various channel options - however I cannot get both decks to play is there a way round this do I need to do something to the settings? Appreciate your response Thanks Staff safe


Are you on channel 9 and 10?

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@DJ_M5A, like Mufasa states, use channel pair 9+10 to record pre-master output.

how can i configure?

When connecting the X1800 to a computer, any respectable software sees channel pair 9+10.

I have no experience with OBS.

But OBS only recognizes channel 1-2, so it is not possible

you have to configure ch1 in USB Routing to send in 9-10 SO you can only do Djing on channels 2, 3 and 4. The OBS app only read ch 1-2

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That conclusion was already made here when searching the forum:

So why didn’t you answer that to DJ_M5A? :thinking:

I just searched the forum, like more topic starters should do. The resulting topic was 2 years old… OBS appears to be such “fine” software that it still cannot record ch9+10 after you tested it again. :relieved:

@DJ_M5A, if you have successfully tried rerouting for OBS and report back to us, I’ll close this topic.

Thank you all I played around with it - In OBS need to select two audio inputs channels 1/2 and also 9/10 that way the audio comes through if only playing two decks This works Thanks again for your support and guidance Staff safe :fist_right:

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Hi Everyone,

Connecting the X1800 with OBS is a lot easier now thanks to the latest update.