Strange sound coming from platter

Okay, so I just took delivery of my second SC6000. I purchased them about a week and a half apart. I wanted to make sure that they were something that I wanted to transition away from CDJs before buying a pair. Anyway, so I did notice this sound on the first deck, and thought it was strange, but just assumed that was how they operated. However, after buying the second SC6000, I noticed that it did not exhibit the same anomaly. When I do a fast backspin on the deck it makes this fluttering/warbling sound as if it’s rubbing against something. Is this something that they will warranty? Honestly, I hope they just authorize a return/replace with a new deck being I’ve only owned it a couple weeks. I REALLY don’t want a repair this early in the game. Unfortunately, the shop I purchased it from won’t allow simple return/replace without Denon’s authorization.

Has anyone else had this issue? Did I just get a lemon?

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Have you tried this without the protective sticker attached. That sounds like the little table is just catching wind.

The protective sticker doesn’t have anything to do with this. It’s internal. You can hear it. It’s something inside the platter. Like, it’s catching on something. Haha, stickers aren’t going to create that kind of sound. Besides, if that were the case, then why doesn’t the most recently purchased deck exhibit the behavior…both decks still have the sticker on them?


Does the platter operate normally when you are using the unit? If it’s any consolation, mine sound slightly different when spinning them at the same tension settings. Some have suggested it has to do with the brake mechanism. At first it bothered me a little bit (I also came from CDJ’s), but I’ve gotten used to it as the player jogs are performing fine. I suspect Denon had to make some sacrifices internally to keep the cost of the players down (i.e. using some plastic parts, etc.). If it really bothers you I’m sure you can exchange it but there’s no guarantee the next one will be the same as your first. Always a gamble there. I’d say let it break in for a week and reassess. I’ve also read a few people put the tension at the highest setting and did a series of spinbacks forward and back which helped smooth things out in their case. Perhaps something to try. Good luck.

One thing of note, and I’m not sure if it makes a difference or not, but the second deck (the one that DOES NOT exhibit the flutter) was already on 1.5.3. I guess that’s an indication that it was produced later than the first deck. Perhaps this was some manufacturing issue with the first batch? I really don’t know. It’s all speculation at this point.

Yeah, it operates fine (for now). I mean, the issue I have is whether this something that is going to cause a problem later down the road. However, I refuse to accept it’s just something we have to deal with. That it’s merely a cost cutting sacrifice that I have to accept. LOL, if Pioneer had platter issues like this, Y’all would be shouting it from the rooftops. I don’t feel as if I should have to just accept this and hope it doesn’t cause a problem sometime in the future.

I have already submitted a warranty query to Denon. I was really just curious if anyone else had this issue, or if it’s just a fluke? Ending up with a lemon happens sometimes. I understand that. I just hope Denon does the right thing and authorizes a return replace. I just got this…not trying to deal with a warranty repair this early into ownership.

How does the sound & feel change if you turn the tension up to max?

I was merely trying to help. Good luck with your return.

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From the sounds of it there have been a few people having problems with the jog wheels on the 6000. I’m sure once they get things figured out there will be addressing the issue with a quick repair. Likely wont come until they have actually gotten there product fully to market. I am still waiting for my setup as well. Some people have repaired there issues already themselves but I know I’m sure not taking mine apart myself lol

I will say I’m not a fan of the adjustable tension on the 6000 when all of the controllers felt so smooth. Seems its causing issues and one of the main reason I switched to the Denon was how awful the pioneer adjustable setups felt. I’m excited to get my hands on my 6000’s. I hope the ones I get are smooth.

And… ? Who make the platter turn so hard ? I dont’ think it could be warranty

To my knowledge the internals of the platter were one of the things that costed more money, time and effort than in the previous models. There are gears inside and you will hear them. Unless there’s a real hard ticking sound, it should be okay.

(As for the hard spinning, TBH, I’ve never ever done it the way it is shown in the video. Not even with a Technics, but that’s just me I guess)

One of my decks makes the same noise. Already got an RMA from the retailer - just waiting for new stock to arrive. The noisy jog has more resistance to it, too.

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Hi Reese, That was my understanding as well, and some noise is to be expected from turning the jogs as they move across the gears, especially as you turn up the tension and increase friction. I would just expect the sound to be consistent across every 6K media player. I think that is the issue people are noting. Again it doesn’t impact performance, at least for me, but it’s just a little odd that people’s experiences have been different. That’s all :slight_smile:

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I don’t backspin at all when mixing. I was checking the integrity of the jogs when I first got them. That’s how I noticed the weird sound that it made.


There’s defiantly a sound and feel difference between my 2 units also.

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I had the same problem. I sent it back. Factory defect of the first series.

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That is what I presumed as well. Being that the 2nd purchased deck that does not exhibit the behavior was already on 1.5.3.

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Hi Everyone,

The SC6000 jog wheel does produce a minimal sound during med-heavy rotation.

What you’re hearing are platter stabilization wheels spinning. These help stabilize and balance the wheel during use. The sound shouldn’t impact its performance in anyway.

If one unit is making an abnormal or louder sound than the other, that may be a hardware problem. Our Support team will be happy to help you diagnose the issue.

Shoot me a DM if you have any trouble getting through.


Was just wondering if there has been any update on this? If there is any work arounds other than sending back for replacement?

Sold my 5K’s in August expecting the 6K’s to be released here in Spain and they are still not available. In the current situation was getting a bit desperate and bored so ended up ordering from a UK retailer. Out of the box one of them has the scraping sound when you spin it. It also feels more like the 5K i.e. free moving without any stabilisation. The other sounds more solid and makes like a CDJ sound when spinning.

Absolutely gutted because to get it back to the UK is going to cost a lot of money as will getting a new one shipped back down. To make it worse, i think UK retailers are also all waiting on back orders now

My second purchased deck has that light scraping sound. I wouldn’t be too worried about that. I’m certainly not. The issue my first purchased deck had was very different. It was a wobble/flutter sound as if the platter was misaligned with its track or something.

Regardless, the Warranty Department got on it right away and have already sent out a replacement. So, I am fully satisfied!! And I had read stories where people claimed the Warranty Department was horrible. That wasn’t my experience at all!!

Even though it scrapes, does it still have the mechanical feel to the jog? The problem i have is that both jogs feel totally different. The one that scapes makes a totally different sound. Almost like it doesn’t have the stabilisation inside. Also sounds like the tension setting is different at the same setting. Plus i have noticed that there is more movement (wobble) on the jog with the scrapping.