Stems on prime 4

Two questions for denon. I have a prime 4 and love it. Will denon keep ahead of the curve and add stems as a software update?

Secondly would they look at this community being an app as would be easier to use

If You want stems on the hardware, first You would need to put i7 cpus in the gear and then add at least 8-16 GB’s DDR4 of RAM memory. Then you can start programming for stems update via software update…


Wow you know your stuff! I have a samsung 250gb ssd in the machine but havent a clue with whatelse you said. Novice here. I will try googling, thank you

What is he trying to tell you is that no, they will not add stems as a standalone feature in the unit OS/firmware since it is very CPU intensive and current hardware in Prime units does not have enough resource to do it reliably.

Also, we have no idea what you wrote as a second question.

It was once believed that the sync function was an impossibility. And of course now we have it. It’s only a matter of time till stems are implemented on standalone equipment. Not necessarily a prime 4 but a product like it. As a DJ I look forward to all the new technology that comes out.

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Sync doesnt consume huge amounts of processing power.

I realize that. However you simply put a processor in a standalone unit that supports the capability

Very true but the OP was talking about it being added to the current P4

Well I’m not referring to the prime 4 I’m saying stems could be implemented on a standalone unit similar to the prime 4

You might not be, but that is the title and subject of the thread.

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Oh I didn’t know that the rules state you can’t talk about anything similar on the topic of the thread. So therefore anybody that makes a comment not exactly about stems on the prime 4 should not even reflect their view here… Lol

I think the point is about HOW you commented, not WHY.

For example, don’t reply to my on-topic post with your off-topic opinion on the future DJ technology - because then not only I get a notification about it but also have to decipher whether you tried to agree with me or trying to provide a counter-argument why my post is wrong.

These are the basics of internet forums and communications and while I understand people tend to be lazy to open their own topics when they get an instant idea in their head, I find it can be a nice filter: if it’s not worthy of your time to do that effort (find the appropriate forum section, create and name a new topic) then it will probably not be worthy of others people’s time to read it and respond to it.


Hey buddy take a look at all the topics on here not a one stays exactly on the thread of the conversation and yet they’re still up there by miracles of miracles. I even stayed on topic talking specifically about stems. Thank goodness this forum is not run by you because if it was there would be no forum because none of the topics on here meet your expectations or your own made up rules. So go ahead continue to make asinine narcissistic remarks You’re just going to look like a fool.

That is a lot of words for somebody unable to just type “sorry bro”.

Muted but I wish all the best none the less :wink:


That’s So funny that that’s all you have as a comeback. So that’s proof that you realize what I’m saying is true. So take the time and look at every topic on this forum. Not a one stays exactly on the point of conversation. So therefore no one is following your rules buddy. It’s pretty sad you can’t control the narrative.

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:rofl: That is the best response I’ve read in a long time!!! :+1: :+1:


Yeah like I should be sorry for not abiding by his grammatical rules.

IM just throwing it out there, you didnt join the forum to try and make friends with people did you? Or if you did, you arent very good at it are you?

I could say the same of you with your condescending rhetoric. And making up your own rules that no one follows. You know the funny part is you brought about the very thing you didn’t want to. That is for The thread to go off topic you made that happen by making an issue of my comment where I mentioned stems which is in the actual heading of the topic therefore not off comment. So the very thing you did not want to happen did because of you, you should give yourself a pat on the back. So is your next made up rule going to be that you can’t fart sideways while on this forum?

Whatever you say, as @SlayForMoney stated, muted, have yourself a nice life making pointless arguments with strangers on the internet.

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