Soundswitch rescan collection after add new fixture

Hi all. Fyi I own the control one. The software is a little complicated. Unfortunatly there is NO pdf user manual. Only some YouTube tutorials. Why is that???

But after playing for a couple of hrs I get the picture.

I found this problem which is a big issue.

Exemple, you have 1000 scripted tracks. When you add new fixtures OR maybe add a whole new venue.

The new fixtures are NOT in your show. They only run with the main track.

To have them do something Nice you have to scan ALL your tracks again.

That is way to much work.

Point is… SS knows how my tracks are scanned (dynamic, party, hiphop, etc). So, why do i need to manual rescan all my tracks again…

Let’s hope ss Will come with a solution…

I am completely with you. Most of the times, i rearrange my LED strips, i add a new fixture or change the behavior (if it is my main spot, secondoray and so on). I have to scan everything again. At least for now i don´t found anything to change that.

I mean honestly if you have prepared your set, than you dont have to do all tracks. But sometimes i freestyle and search in all my old songs, therefore i scan everything.

One thing that improves the performance of SS. Select the venue you want to create the light show (Tabs with the shows), than use the script function and select only this venue. Otherwise it would need to create for all venues the light show. I have 4-5 venues with a couple of lights (around 20 or more) if i create the lightshow for all of them, SS crashes or takes very very long.