SoundSwitch 2.0 Now Available

SoundSwitch 2.0 is now available and compatible with all current Denon DJ hardware via Serato DJ Pro and StagelinQ. Version 2.0 makes it even easier to synchronize your light show and elevate your live DJ performances. Download and trial the software to see what’s possible!



… and look… there’s an MCX8000 in the picture… before anyone chimes in with the “What about my…?” question

If you have Serato then I suppose it does work.

I’m confident it will arrive for Engine soon though.


What about handling out some promocodes for your faithfull customers/ Denon Prime users? :heart_eyes:

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I like the idea of the Soundswitch Micro.

I’ll assume it does what the V1 box does, just smaller?

Cant answer your question, but I’m like hoovering over the buy-button atm :joy:

Same… it’s too tempting.

From what I can gather it’s just a cable that adapts an existing box but I’m still unsure.

@Engell Just take one for the team and let us know! Haha!

Why do you think I ask Nekoro for a promocode… :joy:

That would be a awesome way to:

  1. Show some support to all us customers who support them.
  2. Get more of us to use the full integration it gives.

Say 20% off, still including the hardware, and I’ll order in a second!

You simply hook the laptop up to the X1800/ P4 and sometimes in the future, the MCX8000 too, via a LAN CABLE and insert the usb-dmx thing, and then you are rollin’…


Hey Guys,

Yes, the new micro interface does the same as the original box just much smaller of a device. It also includes 3 months free when you purchase the hardware.



You better be sure it works :joy::zipper_mouth_face:

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My guess would be, spoken of the future, you use that laptop (or desktop) to prep your Soundswitch lightshows (just like your tracks in Engine Prime) and then you just plug in quoting “the usb-dmx thing” in your Prime, removing the need of laptop and LAN/WIFI :wink:

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Maybe in the future, and that would be great, but according to the videos, you still need the computer in present time. :slightly_smiling_face:

But yes it would be cool if the analyzing from SoundSwitch would be stored in the Engine File and you just needed to hook the usb hardware to the mixer or so. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That may be difficult

Even before laptops, there was DMX controller hardware.

Lighting and Effects via DMX isn’t exactly plug and play like music.

You may have channels clashing, positioning issues, changing of mood etc

I’m thinking it’s now inevitable that Soundswitch will go laptop-less when paired with Denon Hardware. The question is just how it’s executed.

  • Set up DMX channels in advance via Mac/PC and export config to your external drive along with the analysed Soundswitch performance files and music library. Likely asking too much of the players to have in-depth lighting config options directly on-screen so probably more “set and forget”

  • Denon x Soundswitch collab Hardware. A USB to DMX interface with hardware controls. Akai pads. Perhaps a small screen to adjust channels and other options on-site.

  • Denon Battle Mixer - (I keep on banging this drum!) A new Denon Prime mixer with a touchscreen + akai pads for FX could also be used to control the lighting really effectively and intuitively. Integrate the DMX interface or even wireless DMX of some sort and that’s quite a unique, formidable offering!

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There is a few products that have a standalone DMX function that you can program first and then let it cycle though what you have created. In the future, this would be good if you was able to program a show then use the StageLinq connection on the Primes to supply beat info etc via ethernet to a box. It could generate patterns based on a ‘sound to light’ principle where you define fixtures in software and then let it generate patterns on the fly.

Starville DMX joker is a standalone unit with what seem like RJ45 network connections on it. This would be a cool addition to see something like this from Soundswitch one day.


Oh hang on, here’s a fourth option. USB-DMX interface plugged directly into a player for simple set and forget but a WiFi/BT connected iOS app if you need deep dive options and trigger scenes

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I want to try this as I have an Entec DMX Pro which is supported but I cant download the trail without giving them my CC details :frowning:

I know this is an old thread, but hoping someone can guide me here. I just purchased a SS Micro Dmx dongle, But I can’t figure out how to activate the 3 month trial. I tried putting in the serial numbers found on the box (there’s 2) and the promo code that I got from Denon with my P4, but i just get ‘invalid code’ - am I doing something wrong?

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I will be receiving mine this week I will let you know how it goes for the 3 month registration process.

Best buy when it comes to lighting control combinated with with the Denon players - ever!!

I wrote them and asked them to activate the trial. Quick responses as well.