[SOLVED] How to Load Custom Logo to Jog Display

I am having problems loading my logo to the platters on the P4. I have created my logo as a png file 600 x 600 pixels. Named it (logo.png) and loaded it to the engine prime library file. I have tried this using multiple different SD cards and flash drives but the logo still will not load to the P4. Am I missing something?? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. @EVOBert

Thanks DJ Bernie

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I haven’t attempted to put my own logo on the platters yet, but will see if I can get it to work later tonight. Honestly, didn’t even look at the instructions yet. Maybe someone else will be able to chime in with a solution before I am able to get back to my place later.

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Its not in the instructions as far as we can tell (tried to help him), and the SC5000 way doesnt work. :thinking:

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it needs to be in the root directory of your drive/card

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On the SC5000s the file shall be located in the Engine Library folder… Do you mean that on the P4, its the level/ folder before? (The folder that contains the Engine Library folder)

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Yep, first level when you open the drive, the root folder as it’s called.

Just wanted to make sure :+1::blush:

Root - as in… not in any folder, just in E: (or whatever your usb drive gets called) and save it right there as a file not within a folder

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There is nothing in the manual that instructs how to do it.

You got it :slight_smile:

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OK, I tried the above… I even removed the internal drive from the P4 loaded the logo as specified and reinstalled it. And I am still showing no logo applied. My logo was originally a jpg file but I used a converting program to get to png. I’m at a loss. I’ll give it a day and see if any one else has luck loading their logo.

@twiprod007 Make sure the file is named “logo” not “logo.png”


Well I’ve tried all the above multiple time and still no logo appears. How about @JWiLL any ideas.

Does the prime 4 get advertised as having logo load feature?

After all , denon couldn’t have. A £1500 system doing EVERYTHING that a £3500 Prime system could do… there’d have to be some features missing between the two.

I’m not saying the Prime 4 won’t display a custom logo, I just haven’t looked closely at the advertising and videos etc

Yes, in many product demos it’s been shown as a feature.

Not just album art from tracks that have got album art?

Correct. I’m at work right now so I can’t find one for you, but have a look at any of the YouTube demo videos that Denon did at suppliers.

Got the problem of loading the logo solved.

  1. Create your logo as a png file.
  2. Name the file logo. The logo should read as logo.png when you look at the property settings under details.
  3. Make sure the logo size is 600 X 600 pixels.
  4. Add this file to the drive your using for your music. ie: Local disc (E)
  5. Then open that drive and look for your logo file and drag it into the Engine Library folder. This way may be the long way to do it but it’s the only way I could get it to work.

Ttwiprod007 beat me to the same conclusion so at this time I can confirm the method stated is works.

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This is correct. The file needs to be inside the Engine Library folder. This can be done on USB or internal HD. If you use it on USB your logo will not show up when you remove the USB drive. It will default to factory. To change the logo, simply delete only the logo.png file and replace it with a few one also labeled logo.png.