Software bug or hardware issue with Deck?

What is happening here?

I don’t know if there’s a hardware fault or it’s the 2.1.1 Firmware update.

Happens during unsynced playback too (was pressing Sync so you can see when it happens).

Look closely at the light ring around the jogwheel!

Basically, the light ring flashes white for a fraction of a second which momentarily stops playback and also means loss of Sync.

Only happens on Deck B (right deck). It’s as if the to of the platter is being touched which it isn’t.

Makes mixing impossible.

Anyone experiencing this or had this happen?

If so, what did you do?

The white light indicates that the jog wheel registers touch when vinyl mode is on. This can be due to bad grounding or some static in the air near the prime 4 (like a plasma ball or unshielded magnet from a speaker or power supply). Check what is close to that side of Your prime 4. Also check the grounding. Is the same happening when You use a different socket in the house? Also does it happen in other locations (maybe friends house)??

The “Search” feature on the forum would have found dozens, if not a hundred or so posts of this happening.

Most likely cause: bad grounding to the unit eg: sloppy electrics at the venue/location of use

Also possible - something was resting on the platters during power up , which is when the unit calibrates its platters to work out what not being touched feels like

Also possible - internal Earth/ground wire inside the unit has come loose - this is usually showing itself by one platter working perfectly but the other platter thinking it’s being touched when it isn’t

No. Tried different plug sockets with and without a surge protector too.

Nothing wrong with the electrical supply in the house it’s been used in.

Tried different plug sockets with and without a surge protector.

I’m guessing now that it’s actually an issue with the unit itself.

So, is it a warranty repair or a faulty unit that needs to be replaced?

Try it in a friends house.

Many a person has said there’s nothing wrong with my house wiring etc but….

One last thing to check.

Anything around your unit emitting radio signals such as wireless transmitters (like a wireless mic or walkie talkie), fluorescent lights or any radio controlled items?

It does the same thing wherever the unit is plugged in.

Nope. Nothing like that anywhere near it.

même problème sur prime 2 depuis toujours ,voir mes posts .bizarre que cela viennent de nos prises électrique

Bonjour encore et toujours deck 2 qui se bloque comme si on appuyait sur le jog…?? Mise à jour avec 2…1.2 hier en usb …Toujours crashouillment sur master et casque voir mes posts. Raz le bol pouvez vous me l’ échanger ou me le racheter je n en veux plus!! je suis dégouté. Je ne veux pas le renvoyez au sav encore perte de temps appareil qui a très très peu servi. Je contact mon revendeur pour lui faire part de mon dossier en attendant de vous lire