Small portable speaker for Prime GO

I’m considering selling my Prime GO [which i love] and getting the Mixstream pro go, i know i’d probably regret it the same way i did once i sold my Traktor S4 Mk3 however the built in speakers are very appealing although the difference in size is a bit of a deal breaker.

Or perhaps i just need to get a smaller speaker that i can take with me when i’m holidaying with the GO, typically i would take my BOSE soundlink II which i love but the [new] battery life is pretty crap compared to the original [which is mental expensive].

Any recommendations for portable speaker with an Aux input that would serve my purpose, not looking for crowd entertaining stuff as i’m just a home DJ but preferably with decent sound.

What about the Anker sound core? The motion boom plus offers an Aux in.

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I actually have the smaller version of this which is Bluetooth only and a fantastic speaker but mines has no aux connection which is a pita.

I actually didn’t consider aux when I bought it originally although to be fair it wasn’t intended for use with the GO :confused:

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I needed a BT speaker a few years ago and didn’t want to part with much money as it was only for a few weeks while I worked away with the Prime Go so picked up an LG PN7 XBOOM Go from Costco UK for £72. They are back to their usual price but drop every so often and are pretty decent for the money, have a carry handle and have long battery life. The price online is dearer than in-store.

Costco UK:


Minirig have a good line-up and can be matched to a second one and by adding a sub you get 2.1 sound. Not cheap but I have a few friends with them and they are okay. Just one is loud enough to practice on and can be expanded on at a later date.

Best budget one? I see these W-King ones pop up often and with almost 8000 reviews, for £38 I’d take a chance on it as it has pretty much the same specs as the Soundcore and LG PN7 and can play directly from MicroSD or USB (Ideal for those freshly made EngineOS mixes). The bonus is that you can always send it back.

Edit: Removed standard Soundcore model due to no AUX-In. See Stu’s post above for the AUX model.



Brilliant information there, I’ll have a read at them tonight, many thanks man :+1:

Been trying to work out if usb c on my Soundcore is charge only or can take an audio source.

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I have this one, no aux in though.


Yeah it’s only the plus model that does unfortunately, that isn’t often on sale and costs more :roll_eyes:

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The Mackie Thump GO is a killer speaker and if you find on sale can be had for $369.00… like right here!

I wanted one of these myself.

I have the Mackie monitors and they are pretty awesome.

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At this price, they’re an especially killer choice! They sound great, have long battery life and heck you can use it for a gig if you really need to! Plus also makes a great booth monitor. Have feedback protection too. Can say enough good things about them.

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Electro Voice Everse 8. Simply the best. I got 4 of them in white. Splendid.

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They’re nice but we’re going in the wrong direction on price! :joy:

I use two minirig speakers with my Denon Go travelling right now. They are latency free and according to digital DJ tips the best portable speakers for DJs.

They work great with cable. Bluetooth is sometimes a hassle to connect two speakers with each other, and sometimes they started giving a high pitch hissing noise and had to switch them off. Couldn’t figure why. The app works so lala, but options with equalizer etc.

However, these are loud and the quality of sound is awesome. Battery life is long, maybe 7-10 hours or more.

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I confirm that the Everse 8 EVs are really top and in a nice range, there are also the HK Pr:o Move 8 are not bad (wooden case) and produce another product this time column and if you are looking for power / performance… the LD System Maui 5GOW.

But I think we are a bit off topic! I use a Sony SRS - XB43 in my bathroom, a hifi product with battery which is very correct.

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Yeah, a lot of these speakers are great but perhaps i should have said small, but then i guess i did mention holidays, UNLESS you guys want me to leave the wife and kids behind :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I was going to mention Kitsound, but then two of the models I have seem to be discontinued. The Hive X and the smaller Hive 2. There is an even smaller waterproof one called Hive 2o but sound isn’t as good as the other models.

Thanks @PKtheDJ I’ll check them out, sometimes stock becomes available.

I have a soundcore motion+, a Mackie thump go and a JBL party box 100. For fun and easy travel I recommend the soundcore, the rest are a bit too big/heavy just for carrying around. I have also used a Bose SoundLink+ in the past, also has aux input.

Only small issue with the soundcore is the fact that if no sound is playing there is a small lag when the sound starts through aux. If you are just playing and mixing is no issue though.

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yes i do have two of the mackie gos with 2 spare batterys. For that size in Stereo they are pretty good. I am impressed by the quality. Two of them are cheaper and overall , better than a single soudnboks. And if you just use the buetooth function with the stereo bluetooth communication with your phone, they are superb. Love those little things. Also cool feature connect the prime go via xlr and also let the your phone via bluetooth connected. You can play the bluetooth and xlr signal simultaneously. Cool to stream a live set from your phone without killing the music for a couple of seconds. Love those things

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