Show your home DJ booth (Part 1)

It’s frustrating. I think Phase is the way we will have to go.

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does the base unit act as the sound card in that instance?

edit: I dont think It does so would still need a card on rotary mixers.

2nd edit: actually it has rca outputs on it by the look of things.

It should act like a DVS box. I was tempted to grab one but hesitant.

Hesitate a bit longer I’d say:(, I’ve just read up, those outputs are for sending control tone noise into a sound card and nothing else :see_no_evil:… damn I thought we were on to something then.

I’ve got a Traktor card waiting in the wings to use with that when the time comes. But I’d rather stick on Serato as a user, just not liking their business decisions these days.

Such a shame.

I’ll keep the SL3 but use it on an older system I think.

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Same here, exactly that setup.

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Out with the old, in with the new! Studio upgrade underway with Klipsch Heritage Forte IV in Distressed Oak and Lambswool. Delicious mid-century goodness. Yum!

Backstory: Currently in the process of converting studio from PA type gear to Hi-Fi. Those powered QSC PA speakers seen in back corners on tripods are great for the applications they’re intended for (PA monitoring for large crowds in event spaces), but after falling in love with their bigger brother, La Scala AL5s, that we’ve got setup in another room I wanted to get “THAT SOUND” (or more like it anyway) in studio, and the Forte shares some of the same technology as La Scalas in a much more compact form factor which is more suitable size in here. If you’ve ever experience La Scalas in a proper setup then you know what all “THAT SOUND” entails. Will be building custom matching risers to elevate the Fortes into optimum listening position while standing behind console DJIng,. Fortes will be on opposite end of room aimed back at console. SVS subwoofers will also be installed in the corners of studio as well to handle all the lowest frequency business below what the Fortes don’t as they start to roll off ~40Hz.

PS: Added a couple shots of the La Scala AL5s for those who may not be familiar with them., which I also do DJ on in this room on occasion. There’s nothing quite like it. Mind-blowing dynamics and holographic imaging.


Okay …you won :fire::fire::fire:

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I changed my setup a little bit, too. Living room is basically back to 2017 (see first picture in this thread) except for the newer desk.

I moved the other gear to another room:



DENON SC6000M Prime and x1850 Mixer

LDSystems Dave 14



My radio setup

Home Setup incoming!







Thought I would join in and show my room set up. Latest addition Mixstream Pro with second hand swan flight case adapted, XDJ XZ behind, Prime 4 with Yamaha MG10XUF mixer, SKB short flight case with DBX 260 and Shure wireless microphone. Also some pics of my main speakers, Yamaha DXS18 with DSR115 mid tops. Couldn’t help showing my old skool Chevin/Logic Systems flightcase with 6000 watts to drive my logic 1290 speakers for larger events(if you know your PA system s you will know the old logic 6 box sets!).Surprisingly I do take that out every now and then. For a mid sized mobile set up does make an impact these days!!!

Not sure if the photos are uploading :frowning:

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No photos showing

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Trying to fix it, but to no avail…

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I will try to reload :thinking:


All done. Excuse the mess, it is a working environment and doubles/trebles as my home/work space and man cave, as well as DJ den.


Here is my Oasis:


Quite keen on white, I see :grin:

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