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Hey, I was talking to NoiseRiser. :upside_down_face:.

You could’ve quoted me offering my condolence too. :cry:

It’s not a Traktor vs. Serato war. Just offering a safe haven for abandoned sl boxes untill something new pops up. Hope a new box comes out for y’all.

Yeah im going to hang on for a bit longer but will seriously consider buying an NI audio interface if InMusic don’t sort themselves out.

I wish they would just do an expansion pack for Serato that keeps the drivers up to date and charge us 50 quid or whatever.

I still use Traktor for DVS.

You can sync Traktor to your SC6000s in standalone mode - using Ableton Link. It’s not the perfect solution (that would be Traktor HID support on the 6000s) but it’s not bad either. Also, Traktor has a deck live input. You can route your 6000s through Traktor to use its very powerful effects on the Denon’s signal. It will introduce a very slight latency, though.

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I have Serato, my Akai amx unlocks it and my sc5000m works hid.

Here’s a Serato set up pic.


Here’s the traktor version.


You notice that Traktor uses any audio interface for timecode look a the wiring on the amx but on the other hand Serato offers hid for my deck with a simpler hook up.

Here’s a screen capture from the Serato forum that made my day :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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They did? I thought that was an Apple and Serato issue. Can’t you still just either not update your Macbook or Serato, or even hook an SL box to a Windows computer and use any other DJ software?

It was a trifecta :clinking_glasses:.

It still works with other software on intel computers up to Big Sur on Macs and Windows 11 for pc. Afaik.

Hey Kevin, is this straightforward to do and is there a blueprint anywhere? I have SC6000 and not being able to connect them to Traktor is frustrating. Any help is massively appreciated.

Thanks, Nick

What You want to achieve?

Activate Ableton Link in Traktor and on the SC6000s and press sync. That’s about it.

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Thanks for coming back to me mate. I’ve got Link enabled on both my SC6000’s and clicked ‘Link’ on Traktor, however, sc6000 is showing 0 Link connections. Sorry if I’m missing the point here but would would this give ability to read/play songs direct from my laptop? Not sure if I’m not understanding something. (Appreciate your help).

Are you using a windows computer?

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Hey mate, no, Macbook. I’ve updated Traktor software version to latest one too.

In order for link to work, macbook and the player need to be in the same network.

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Yeah they’re in the same WiFi network :+1:

Not sure why it wasn’t detecting it as a source then :frowning:

pulled the decks out from the Record Player area and dropped them on a 4’x18" wood plank a top a console and added some Chroma COLOR - Decks in the LA Laker Color Scheme


That is one colourful mixer. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you need some speaker stand covers to match the table. :wink:

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Yeah, you can find them 1 and 2-sided, same stuff